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    Your 9 month old is teary eyed…fussy and tired.

    You’ve tried cuddling him, swinging him…singing to him but nothing seems to work. He looks up at you and you can sense the frustration that he wants to tell you something but he just doesn’t have the skills yet.

    How many times have you wished he could tell you what he wants. It’s so much easier for your baby to shake his head or point at something to communicate with family members than speaking at 9 months and all the muscle coordination and brain power that goes into speech. Trying to communicate with your baby is not just frustrating for him but for parents also. After 30 minutes of you trying to figure out exactly what Sean wants you finally realize…he’s still hungry. Signing helps you bond with your baby and connect with him on a very practical level – he can now tell you what he wants rather than trying to express himself with tears. Learning a few easy signs with your baby can result in a happier more understood child and a less frustrated mum and dad.

    Maria who has been signing with her 9 month old for overa month now recalls those times with her 1st child Ella. I’d read about baby signing in the US and thought it sounded interesting and what a difference it has made in our day to day family life. Although new baby Molly is months away from being able to communicate with words she already has an impressive vocabulary – of baby sign language. Maria continues – we started with one sign – the sign for milk and within a week Molly was signing whenever she was hungry…rather than crying…now two months on Molly can ask for ‘milk’ ‘more’ ‘sleepy’. Molly doesn’t cry as much now and seems to be a much more contented babyâ€


    Tracy I did baby signs with my ds who is now 2.5. I started at 9 months and we didnt do many signs but all the basics, food, milk, juice etc… I never had a crying baby over lack of comunication, if he couldnt sign he would be great a pointing or making up his own signs…
    He was 11 months old and going for a walk with both his grannies, they were saying "Oh, its a waste of time" they change their minds after he did the sign for look and plane…. they were so shocked when they looked up and seen a plane flying above them 😆 😆 😆 😆
    He still does some signs and did have delayed speech, but most babies who sign speak earlier than their peers. He had to do a IQ kind of test (a development test to rule out learning problems) with his speech therapry, he was only 2 at the time and charted and did things expected of a child of 4 years old….. She was sooooo shocked at what he could do, if you give him a 12 peice jigsaw for the first time he would finish it without help in about 60 seconds.
    I did it all from books (look out for ASL & BSL, american and english sign), waterstones have a great selection
    So I couldnt praise sign language highly enough!


    That’s great Taylor – I wonder if there are any other ‘signers’ in the Drogheda area.



    i also did a signing class with my ds he learned to sign and signed a good few things had over 20signs after 4 weeks doing it with him, i only started though at 14 months would’ve perhaps been better if had started doing it sooner…….his speech replaced his signing, but still at times we’ll sign, he did irish sign language which i great to learn as his grandad is slowly loosing his hearing and has been told to learn to sign so as a family we’ll embark on the signing again for his grandad and he can show him a few signs…..

    but well worth it as it so great when your child tells you what’s wrong with them through sign and you can communicate bak with them….


    As Scole said her ds did ISL but my ds did BSL, there are signs in bsl that have a different rude meaning in isl 😆 😆 😆 😆
    Scole seen me do a sign on day and fell about laughing…. so be careful you dont offend.

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