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    My sister and her family have come to stay for a few days and at the worst possible timing, 4 of us have come down with a dreaded tummy bug.

    Two of our daughters, our son and myself were up all last night being very sick and we are all shredded today.

    My sister has checked in to a hotel for the night to give us some space to get better (and to keep her kids & husband away from us contagious lot I reckon)

    I hope we’ll all be ok tomorrow and can enjoy our last few days with them.
    We only get to see them all once or twice a year so this is pretty horrible timing. So gutted.

    Wanted to ask, does anyone know is there something I can take for my head, legs, throat, back & ribs which are all aching alot from being sick so many times last night and this morning? I am aching everywhere but do not want to take anything that might upset my tummy anymore than it already is.

    I am in a total heap here but running on a pretty empty stomach because I cannot tolerate food just yet….any suggestions welcome.


    When we have to deal with that particular bug… we go with the tuc biscuits… the salt seems to help…. In terms of medicine etc… personally I’d opt for resting up instead. Half the time all the body needs is time to properly recouperate… and sleep / rest is the best way for that to happen.


    rest up Sabbi – i got a rotten dose one yr Christmas night into Stephen’s day – we have a traditional family day in my mothers on Stehpen’s day and i ended up ringing my mother in tears as i was just wrecked plus my girls couldn’t go either cause we couldn’t take the chance of passing it to my mam or my then 6week old niece… i literally spent the day in bed, when i could eat that evening – chicken noodle soup – small amounts and often. Hopefully you’ll be ok tomorrow after a good day/night of rest.


    same bug floating around my house…..its horrible.I’m over it 2 days now but still feel sooo weak & exhausted. rotten dose whatever it is. Hope you all recover really quickly.


    Tuc crackers, some 7up and most of yesterday and today in bed seems to be doing the trick. Its a pretty bad bug, I literally amsore everywhere from it. Feel like I have a bad flu but its just from being so weak after all the vomiting. My son is quite weak still too and he is usually so active but today, he is laying on the couch watching TV and for once, I am letting him!

    Hope to be ok tomorrow and get out for a bite to eat early in the evening with my sister before she heads home on Thursday.

    Such horrid timing. 😥

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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