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    We were driving down Peter St last week when a gust of wind blew a discarded trolley off the footpath and onto the road where it crashed straight into the back of our car.

    The bang was so fierce, we initially thought a car had rear ended us. The trolley hit our car in two places, denting it twice and left a long scratch across the back of the car too.

    We brought the trolley back over to Dunnes Stores and the manager came out and took some photos of the damage and said he will get back in touch with us – have not heard from them yet.

    Our car has really been damaged badly and I have to say, this incident is something that is very off putting for shopping locally. There are always trolleys being left idle on Peter St at the taxi rank and they often end up falling over.

    We raised this issue last year as part of the ‘clean up Drogheda’initiative with local heroes but cannot see that anything has been done about it yet.

    What can be done to sort this out and stop it happening again? Has this happened to anyone else and can we expect any kind of reimbursement for the damage done to our car?

    Bloody nightmare….


    God thats terrible!!! What if it was a buggy or child hit by a flyaway trolley, i would go mad if it happened to my car, i would expect the store to share the brunt of the repair costs


    they used to have the trolley docking thing that would stop them moving but don’t know where it went….would make sense to bring it back because of the taxi’s there, trying to get up that street walking when trolleys are all over the path is terrible…i hope you get your car sorted and dunnes pay for it seeing as it was there fault technically


    How annoying for you, I think you should chase it by letter and if you still get no response then get a solicitor involved in it! Can you report it to the police so you have a record in case your insurance need it?
    Hope you get it sorted out 😯


    over 800 worth of damage, they said we need 3 quotes and they’ll see what they can do! The hassle of having to actually go out and get 3 quotes. Trying to work and look after sick kids…such a pain in the backside 👿

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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