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    did i not just post this? Must be having a senior moment, ahem…

    was only last night dusting off the rubbishy sweets dd has been bringing home in party bags all year,will be giving those to the little swine whom I’ve loathed all year.

    Nice kids will be gettin th fun size choc bars!!


    Do you like your kids doing this or not??

    Personally I love it as dd probably enjoys it more than Xmas 😆 free sweets 😀 😀 😀

    A lot of people don’t like it though.

    Love Halloween.. always did.

    I saw a witch once flying in the really I did..will never forget it


    Oh i love it… but i go out with ds, when we were kids we went out in a group together, just kids!!!! I would be with my older brothers and sisters….

    My ds LOVED last year, we went to a friends house and then all the kids knocked door to door!


    I love Holloween, night i useually go up to my mam’s and dd willl go trick/treating with my nephew, then we go up to see the firework display, it is brilliant and then go to MIL for a few games and a few drinks.



    I camp out in my mams for a few hours, let my bro take my ds around and then we go home hahaha.

    Cant stand it I really really cant. And as for the manky sweets some people give out…..loose jellies……..come on now!!!!! UGH!!!!!


    and the loose pop corn, yuk…and the manky toffee sweets that nobody wants.
    i do it for the kids but i don t really like going out in the cold and rain, we try to go out in a group of mothers and kids but the quicker the better.


    My ds is 9 and would have a hissy fit if i told him i would go round with him (this of course id never do 🙂 and yet he is still too young to go himself) yes i let him go around etc, might take him to bonfire but i will not be walking around behind him.

    Ever since I witnessed a boys arm being on fire from a firework coming back out from a bonfire and people singing we didnt start the fire….halloween tunrs my stomach.


    Defo avoid it in our house with our dd’s peanut allergy !!!! She is only 3 so not a big deal – she will dress up at home and open the door to kids calling. When she is older we will all go to eddie rockets and the movies and bypass the night completely 😀 😀


    Not bothered about Halloween, being in the country, we don’t get any callers! E goes up to DH’s aunts house and eats a load of crap there, goes up the road with them and knocks on doors there, she loves it… but hate to see all the crap coming home! Then they go look at the bonfire…

    It is getting bigger, we do put some decorations up, but give me Christmas anyday!


    dd1 is only 4 in nov but last 2 yrs with halloween being on fri/sat we went to my sisters and went around with her kids and they do a group of mammies and a group of kids . Think we might being staying at home this year will take her out as she’s already got her costume 🙄 but will only knock a few doors either side of us type of thing i would imagine.
    Once our sweets are gone/its bedtime i’ll pull the curtains over the sitting room window and the hall door and don’t answer the door 😆 😆


    Munch I go home and close the curtains and have the tv on low and sit in the dark till about 9 hahahaha. Thank god its a sunday this year and the kiddies have school the next day!!!

    I might even be REALLY bold and send ds to his dad to go trick or treating 😆 😆 😆


    Ah that would be cruel Yummy, people would get a shock if they called out here!

    When E was 3, she was dressed up and we called to the neighbour behind us, they were shocked and gave her a banana hahaha!!!


    Hahahaha. No I meant send him to his dad for the day they can trick or treat around his nana and aunts estates 🙂 But you might warn your MIL to stock up as I might send him there lol

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