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    Right, I’m sitting here drinking (gagging down) a cup of green tea. Normally at this time I would have having a real cup of tea and some bsicuits but that’s not happening now so I’m trying to adjust.

    This tea smells like cat pee and the only things worse than that is that is actually tastes like what I imagine cat pee does.

    So I was thinking, lets share some tips on nice things we can eat that are not naughty.

    1. Skinny Cappuccino with dusting of chocolate. Its skinny milk so not fattening and its coffee so it helps. I don’t put any sugar in, so I reckon I can have this a few times a week.

    2. Grapes – I know we are supposed to avoid grapes but if you are really feeling bad, apparently if you pop some grapes in the freezer and eat them when they’re frozen, they’re like little ice pops.

    3. Licqourice – This is not supposed to be too high in fat and is actually good for you (or so I heard at weight watchers many years ago). A square of this might help with a sugar fix?

    anyone got any tips for a treat without breaking the rules????


    marshmellows are supposed to be good also sugar free jelly (yeah i know but still will give the sweet tooth a happy few mins)

    pink and whites like chewie said….

    whatabout a mint or something…..

    feck it where’s the bars of chocolate….( 😥 😥 :cry: )


    popcorn…. (not the one loaded in butter and salt or the toffee version unfortunately)…. but airpopped with a sprinkling of parmesan….

    Also, dark chocolate… I believe anything above 60% is fat free? I stand under correction on this one!

    frozen fat free yoghurt….


    Why no grapes? Chocolate i get but grapes?


    They say to keep a bar of really dark chocolate in the house and allow yourself one square a day, that it will satisfy the need for Chocolate with the least amount of badness, lol.

    In saying that I buy dark chocolate 75% Cocoa Solids in 5 Kg Bags and if I start on one chocolate button, there is no way it will end there, so best keep the lid on it if not baking and don’t chance it if you can’t leave it at one square!

    Another surprising one if you’ve gotthe willpower is 1 Meringue Nest with some Fruit Cocktail in own juice for a dessert. No Calories in Sugar, no fat in meringue and fruit is good for you!!! That came from Weightwatchers so it must be right….

    Rice Pudding made with Low Fat Milk… the home variety now not the Muller.

    After that I’m lost because my house is so full of sweet stuff all the time I reckon I’m a lost cause!


    Hi Sabbi, I do agree sometimes green tea, particularly strong green tea, is reminiscent of cat pee!

    I got a green tea from my brother (Philippine brand) which was very mild, and I quite liked it. Otherwise I take fennel tea, which is really quite nice… AND CHECK THIS, I saw on the packet that it actually naturally dampens the appetite and helps digestive health. So, a winner!

    My treats are:
    – nuts
    – low-sugar jam on brown bread
    – low fat yoghurt with fruit
    (and others hehehe…)


    Apparently, if u put pink’n’whites in the microwave – I dunno for how long – they double in size so u get twice as much treat feeling!

    I have done the grapes thing before, v nice and take a while to eat too so all good there.

    Chopping a flight up quite small and freezing also allows 1 little bit o choc every now and then if u desp…


    Hi Sabbi
    have you tried the green tea with jasmine – i think it has a much nicer flavour. aldi have one, and it is much cheaper than twinnings
    am struggling to keep off the junk as dh and i are off the booze for january detox, so eating a lot more as a result.
    have you tried nuts as a snack- i know they are high in fat but are supposed to be good in moderation and might take the edge off. brazil nuts are my favourite



    Sadly, we can’t touch nuts… ❗ 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    sabbi…have u tried peppermint tea in place of that green tea pee!!!!!!……….i hate everything about green tea but found peppermint tea quiet pleasant……


    Sabbi not sure what "rules" you are following but seeds are a good healthy alternative to crisps and nuts. Toast a selection of sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds in a frying pan for a few mins until golden brown and they taste great- nice and crispy too.

    Also, when on a health kick I do up a big tupperware box of fruit salad and keep in the fridge for when I have a sugar low. If you prepare it in advance and keep it chilled it beats an old drearyapple or banana hands down. Think I added a little fruit juice/fizzy water to keep it from discolouring


    Green tea it better for weight loss…. twinings green tea with mango yum yum…

    i dying her NEED SOME THING SWEET…..

    Lai grapes and banana are a no no!!!!!!! 😯 That was the only fruit I ate… I looking at a banana out there to kill my sugar pangs.

    Banana on Brown bread….
    Rang my sister and she said kit kats the mini ones 2 stick version are good, but she found if you gave in a little bit your started to lax a bit and fell off the wagon….. she did recommend Saltana bread with tea, she felt it was better then a bikkie….. also (i couldnt do this) if your having a cuppa eat an apple with your tea 😯 yuck….

    Corrine9 what nuts do you eat, i was going to buy cashu (sp) nuts but would they be bad?… would love to know what nuts..

    Anyone on WW can give a few tips.


    Just curious HJS, why cant you touch nuts ? Am interested – as DD has peanut allergy and wondering r u in same boat?


    No, sorry, on Op Trans we can’t touch them, too high in fat content.

    And also, I was being a bit bold – Les Dawson innuendo crude, sorry!!!


    😆 😆

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