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    Myself and my partner usualyl take a winter sun holiday the week between Christmas and New Year however, this year I am due our first baby in Sept and was wondering would we be wise to head to the sun with a 3-mth old? Would the baby simply be too young to travel? We usually stay in hotels but I’m guessing an apartment might be easier from now on? Any advice?
    Thank you!


    You’ll get plenty of advices.
    Just one day a woman tol me when she travels with her kids she always if stay in hotel get a room with a balcony, so she and her husband enjoy a glass of wine on the balcony when kidsinside asleep.
    Appt is very good solution but more expensive.
    At 3 months old your baby might still sleep in your bedroom, so hotel with balcony could do it.

    3 months old baby you can travel, just avoid direct heat/sun.

    But if baby is unsettle, colic then is might be not very restfull break.
    As well if you breastfeed, then holiday is easy but if bottle feed you’ll need bottles, steriliser and all, not so practical to take away with you.

    At 6 months old it could be so much easier, but it’s only my point of view.

    I went to the sun when my dd was 3 months old, all went well, but I was visiting my familly and they had it all (changing mat, baby bath….).

    If hotel as only shower not great, but if they have a bath then it’s ok. You can always bath the baby in the sink.

    We went in spain few months ago and it was only a shower in the appartment.
    Lots of things to check before.

    Enjoy your pregnancy, your baby and your break in the sun.




    we had a great holiday when our DS was around that age…yes an apartment would be best bet….

    things may of moved on sterliser wise but i took the milton tablets & used a bucket to sterilise..using bottled water and also bottled water for making up feeds (evian best for making up bottles, due to low sodium content)…we had lovely walks & meals in Ds slept lovely….

    we recently rented a lovely private apartment and it had everything you could possibly want that you would have at home…so would definately recommend going down this route….

    i have very fond memories of our first holiday as a little family & had no problems at all…

    with regards flying…i always made sure i had a bottle ready (or if brestfeeding offer a feed when taking off & landing to help babies ears from popping)

    good luck with everything



    hey fabs posting at same time… 🙂


    For me that’s the easiest time as they only eat and sleep. I took DD at that age to California and it was so easy..just my boob and a baby sling!

    We are going to Spain the first two weeks in August and I will have a 2.5 month old baby by then…

    I personally find it gets tricky around the 1-2 yr mark so I travel as much as I can during the first year!


    Thanks everyone for the great advice! I never even considered the whole water/steriliser situation, or not having a bath in the room? Hmmm lots to consider but I think we’ll go for it and fingers crossed it goes ok!
    Thanks again, 😀


    If you are formula feeding, some times you cant get the same brand over there, so you might have to bring a tub or two with you…

    All they should be doing at that age is sleep and eat, so i’d say you would have nothing to worry about…. dont put suncream on babies, you just keep out of sun
    Enjoy xxx

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