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    Does anyone know the best way to deal with it?


    depends on what type of travel sickness ie car boat etc……and how severe you can get wrist bands that can help with travel sickness, but make sure okay for kids, even have a chat with your doc and see can they give advice


    she gets car sick seems ok on a train don’t know about a plane or a boat, its very bad its like the exorcist it goes everywhere
    we mentioned it to the doctor today and the said they gave her anti sickness meds but it didn’t work

    I wouldn’t worry but she has to travel up to dublin every few months and can’t avoid it


    try the wrist anti sickness bands see how they work……i know i used it when i was going on the boat to france i was fine, but then i didn’t eat much while travelling on the boat, dunno regards kids but worth a try


    i think they have ones for children but they have to be wearing them 2 hours before travelling…i’ll try and order one


    this might sound mad but when you are in a car sit her on newspaper 😳 my niece gets terrible cars sickness and someone told my sil to do this and she is grand and we go to donegal a lot 5hr drive and no sickness


    When i was younger we would puke everywhere on long journeys, then my dad bought this rubber thing to earth the car while driving basically it transfers the static that causes motor sickness away from the car and out through this rubber thing that hits the ground while driving. You could try Halfords? I know we didnt puke after he got that put onto the car. HTH 🙂


    i don’t have a car can’t exactly tell the taxi driver to put it on their car
    but thanks…i’ll mention it to my sister D distroyed her car too


    Oh sorry i didnt realise i thought it was for your own car. 🙄


    Use the magnetic rist bands they work great for ms and car sickness, you can get really nice ones and you could leave it on her 24/7

    The Kewells and sealegs work very well, I cant remember the dosage but they do have to be taken hours in advance. Got to the chemist and they will give you good advice


    thanks everyone some of those hopefully will work

    thats strange about the newspaper, i wonder why that works

    until we get this sorted we can go on a family holiday..never had one yet!
    i’ll let you know if it works


    THe newspaper is the same as the rubber thingy, it is earthing the static threw her body, trust me im not mad that is the actual cause of travel/motion sickness.


    wow…i’ll give it a try anyway


    Had a look up for you also:

    What is motion sickness, anyway?
    Basically, motion sickness results from a conflict between the eye and ear: the inner ears detect that the car is moving, but the eyes– focused within the car– do not. The brain gets conflicting signals, and nausea results.

    Usually the child will first complain that she feels queasy– allowing some time to fix the situation before actual vomiting starts.

    As always, prevention is best.

    Tips to prevent motion sickness in the car

    1. A Far Horizon

    encourage your child to focus on a distant point outside the car
    play car games like "I Spy" that get the child to look outside
    bring along books or songs on cassettes or CD’s; your child can listen while looking out the window
    limit activities such as reading or playing hand-held video games, where the eyes stay focused within the car
    for toddlers in car-seats, position the seat so that the child can see outside
    Avoid Rear Seats
    many families nowadays have mini-vans, and kids seem to feel the van’s motion more in the rear seat
    facing backwards is to be avoided too (Some station wagons have back-facing seats in the rear)

    3. Fresh Air
    a child on the verge of queasiness may feel better if the window’s open
    Also, no one should be smoking in a vehicle with kids inside!
    also avoid strong-smelling foods or snacks
    4. Settle the stomach a child fighting queasiness may feel better if he munches on a dry cracker
    An empty stomach is notbest for avoiding motion sickness
    avoid greasy and hard-to-digest food
    5. Smoother Driving the less braking and swaying the better
    a suspension system in poor shape can make things worse
    6. make FREQUENT STOPS!

    plan enough time on your trip to stop and let your child(ren) get out of the car
    7. Watch for early signs of motion sickness

    Make sure to listen, if your child says he’s feeling sick or dizzy. Also, pay attention if she loses her appetite, or appears pale or sweaty.
    8. motion sickness drugs

    over-the-counter drugs are available for motion sickness, as are some alternative-medicine remedies. Remember that alternative medicines can be as potent as drugs. It’s best to be cautious and always seek a medical opinion before medicating a child.

    to be effective against motion sickness, most drugs need to be taken beforethe trip starts.

    For more on medications and alternative remedies for motion sickness, see Tiny Travelers, or Canadian Driver.

    Frequent stops are key for motion sickness
    Stop at free playrooms at fast-food restaurants, or stop for picnics, or stop at rest areas and toss a frisbee or ball… and the more stops you make, the less you’ll have to deal with fidgety kids and "are we there yet?"

    Fortunately, infants seldom get motion sickness. Toddlers and preschool ages are most susceptible.

    Remember: it’s in everyone’s interests to stop the car beforethe child actually gets sick!

    Reply to an email from another website:

    The reason for this is because of the well known fact that build up of Static electricity generated by motion of the vehicle causes nausea. The rubber static trips dragged behind the vehicle constantly discharges the Static electricity build up and thus eleviating the nausea. So the the fact is genuinely advantageous.



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