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    Single fare to Dublin with Matthews Coaches cost €7 — 45mins

    Taxi from Bus depot ( Drogheda) to Millmount Abbey cost €7– 5mins or less

    Rip off – Whats the story??


    Aw but libby whats the capacity on a bus??? 54 seats times 7 for one trip to dublin. (15c per min approx)

    taxi drivers have to make money and €7 for the trip you stated isnt a rip off at all in my opnion. What do you rekon he should of charged you…….75 c for 5 min trip?? seriously???

    cant really compare a bus ticket to a taxi one, a train and a bus yes but defo not taxi and bus.

    thats just my opnion.


    I know what you say is right…

    My dh was ranting this am… Had to pass it on

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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