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    Hi all,

    How do you all get around? Do you walk, jog, cycle, skate, hop, drive, take train, bus???

    I’m looking for people to share their ideas for easier ways to get around Drogheda. We all know its a bottle neck in some places so its good to have unusual and alternative ways to get around…

    any interesting ideas most welcome for a new weekly transport column in the Drogheda Independent.

    also, if anyone has any issues to vent about the transport services in and out of Drogheda please feel free to share!!!



    A park and ride system would be an excellent idea, park somewhere outside, but close to the town and then hop on a bus into the town centre, it would definitely help ease the traffic!


    there are no buggy friendly buses in the town, if you do have to fold up your buggy/pram you get no help most of the time
    The drivers don’t wait till you sit down before driving off, i was on a bus awhile ago and an old woman got on the bus the driver took off as soon as she was in the door and she fell and hurt her wrist
    i know that they have a timetable but a few extra seconds won’t hurt them
    so i’ve found that walking gets me where i want to be, just takes me a little longer


    Are there buses in this town?


    there are 2 town buses but they seem too come and go when they like
    one services the northside and the other the southside


    Hi Sabbi,

    Did you see the ads on tv Transport 21?

    It seems like their only focus on more infrastructure is always and only about in Dublin City Ctr.

    Its so unfair of them to make us pay in drogheda twice expensive train tickets from here into dublin when people in dublin dont have to at all.

    and the public buses should start from 6am not from 1030am and make sure their drivers are friendly and should arrive punctual afterall they represents the bus company image.
    if theres some problem arising they should inform people earlier too .
    Thats the basic co-operation we needs as their passengers.

    they should have a pubilc bus service that brings people from the estates and drops them outside at the train station and picks people up again rather than impose another burden parking fees for people who have no choice but to park their cars there .


    well for starters i drive why cause the bus only comes every hour through mornington so if ya miss the bus then you’re kinda stuck there should be more bus services to and from drogheda, my elderly granny in law if misses the bus by a min has to stand out waiting for the next bus for an hour as she’s not great walking and by the time walks back to the house for a little rest she has to go again, so very often has to get a taxi to town which is bad it would make more sense to addmore buses around areas in order to cut down the flow of traffic in the town

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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