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    Thanks so much everyone for the advice and info. I’m lucky that he was never attached to a bottle always drank from a cup from early on and bottle at night after stopping b,feeding so he knew it different and bed time not that it’s ever made a difference haha still wakes throughout the night. Slept once through he night in the year!! Ah well!
    Thanks again



    Im just looking for some advice, I breast fed for 8 and a half months then moved to formula and now my baba is 1 and was just wondering about changing to cow’s milk and how to go about it? is it just a case of swapping over maybe water down the cow’s milk? Or is cow’s milk really even suitable for babies as I’ve been reading in general adults shouldn’t even be drinking it!

    Any advice would be great,



    i would water it down a little i done it with my dd if she drank to much real milk it would leave her sick so i was told from doc to water it down say 5 ounces of real milk and 2 or 3 ounces of cooled boiled water its easier to get them off the bottle as well and milk is full of callcium good for the bones.


    my ds2 is just 21 months i still give him formula and cows milk…

    he drinks cows milk during the day the super milk and when going to bed he has formula only 3oz to settle him…

    honestly it’s entirely up to you whether you continue formal feeding or cows milk…

    my ds1 hated cows milk refused to drink it at all even during the day…but when he was about 3 he started todrink cows milk and loves it, would have at least 3 glasses a day…..

    i’ve not had any problems health wise with my two regardless whether on cows milk or formula, i think it’s entirely up to you…

    introduce the beaker of milk during the day see how the child takes to it, (not sure about watering down) i never did i gave it to them straight…also there is a total different taste from formula to cows milk, formula much sweeter….


    My ds hated cows milk – would not drink it at all. Still hates milk. DD drank less of it – which is not a bad thing, as they will eat more – which is more important now. I left her with the mil for a weekend and by the time I got back, she was drinking milk non-stop – she drinks too much of it now – time to get her off the bottle.


    My ds2 is 2.5 and still has a formula bottle going to bed and nap times (cow and gate) I BF both my boys and they went onto formula, ds1 i tried with cows milk and he would projectile vomit in minutes, tried it with water, a 50 50 formula/cows milk mix… but vomit and a raw red bum. Due to this i never even tried ds2 on cows milk.
    They both drink cows milk by the gallon during the day and love it, but ds2 wouldnt drink it in a bottle, he handed his bottle back to me one day and said "yucky boppy, can i have nice hot boppy" He likes formula so thats what he gets
    Good luck and the formulas nowdays are brilliant


    Oh forgot to ask ,is there a rough amount baby’s should be drinking daily?


    my pride and joy is 19 months and still on formula milk, she not too pushed on cows milk at the moment, she has it on her weetabix in the mornin thats all…… she drinks three 4oz bottles of formula sometimes she mightnt even finish them so she might be weaning herself off it……


    hi dk5.
    Cows milk contains 30% mucus as against organic milk at 8 to 10%. So organic cows milk best, especially if baby has reflux or delicate tum. Ordinary dairy cows fed grass and animal offal in pellets thus milk contains more mucus. Organic milk producing cows just eat grass. Organic milk is in supermarkets and not expensive.
    Good luck whatever you decide. 😀 😀 .


    you know like everything with parenting it is a personal choice
    both mine were off formula by 13/14months and off bottles by 18months.
    They both love milk and have about 3 glasses a day.
    On dd1 we did the change over to cow’s milk slow enough – at 12months she was on 4 bottles a day 8oz morning & night and 4oz at 11 & 3, i changed the 11 & 3 one then the morining one and finally the evening one. Did something similar with dd2 and had no problems with either of them.


    Aw thanks guy for the advice. I have gone organic a good while so defo will be organic cow’s milk too. Hope ye are all enjoying that day, I’ve a while in work yet aarrgh! You really could ask questions all day about babies!
    Thnaks again guys.

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