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    I have very heavy periods and have been prescribed this by my G.P., wondering has anyone else been on this medicaation?


    hi libby,

    i had lots of problems with my menstrual cycle last year and after lots of nurofen and even some prescriptions for tylex, which are very strong, I eventually tried acupuncture and that worked really well for me.

    Don’t know this medication, hope you get some relief soon, its exhausting having very heavy periods.


    Hi Libby,

    I’m on it….. 😉


    Hi Libby1,

    There are so, so many women with menstrual problems but as Sabbi said acupuncture works really well, or homeopathy or herbal tinctures. These work by treating the whole person – the symptoms and the underlying cause of the symptoms. There are options available.



    Due to other medical problems , Homeopathy doesn’t agree with me.
    Thank you though….

    😳 😳

    Mark Acu

    Hi libby

    I have treated many women for menstrual cycle irregularities and have had very good success rates with it.

    Acupuncture using Chinese Medicine treats you as one whole person and gets to the root cause of the problem treating it from there. If you are on medication it wont work against it in any way. Given you have mentioned you have some other issues these will also be taken into account as they all may be coming from the same root cause.

    Please feel free to have look on my website where other ladies have written their stories in relation to their treatments.
    At any stage please feel free to call me and I can explain in more detail in relation to your specific needs how Acupuncture would work.

    Take care

    Mark Bell

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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