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    dd1 spent ages on trampoline playing all sorts of games yest!
    This morning she walked into the kitchen door and will most likely have a a massive bruise – suppose accidents can happen anywhere.
    I was thinking about what i used to do -we used to climb the trees at bottom of my nana’s road – there were in an L shape and we used to play chasing on them the amount of times i fell through the trees :roll:


    I know every child loves them and I love to see my own having fun on them too. We decided not to get one for safety reasons, mainly that we have 4 children and they would never go on it alone as is recommended and how would we keep watch on them using it.

    My little lad loves them but unfortunatly he was on a friends trampoline, bounced out the opening of the net and hurt himself on the ground where he fell. He dislocated his elbow, had surgey to fix it and is in a cast for four weeks with x-ray done 3 times so far to check on it.

    Are trampolines too dangerous for our children? … DocID=1949

    Published in:J Bone Joint Surg Br, Vol: 88, Page: 796-8
    Publication Date:June2006
    Aims & Objectives:This study examined trampoline injuries in children

    We reviewed the records of children referred to our hospital between April and September 2005 who had been injured whilst trampolining. Of 88 such children there were 33 boys and 55 girls with a mean age of 8 years 6 months (2 years 4 months to 15 years 9 months). Most of the injuries (53; 60%) occurred when bouncing and 34 (39%) were secondary to falls from the trampoline. The cause of injury was unknown in one child. The injured child was supervised in only 35 cases (40%). In 31 (35%) cases, the injury was related to the presence of others on the trampoline. A total of 36 (40%) children required surgery. Fractures of the upper limbs occurred in 62 cases (70%). Injuries related to the recreational use of trampolines are a significantcause of childhood injury. Our results suggest strongly that there is a need for clear guidelines on safe and responsible use of domestic trampolines.
    C. McDermott; J. F. Quinlan; I. P. Kelly


    My DD has one, she bought it herself out of birthday and Christmas money she had saved up,She had it a week and a child across the road came into play on it and was bouncing away on it and broke her leg on it.Since then I wont let any other child on it, other than her, It gets very little use because I don’t let anyone else on it. Ds plays on it now and loves it,


    omg mummy5 hope your little lad is ok….

    i’m not a great fan of the big ones, alot of people have them they have the net but the zips are broken so they have a large gaping hole, so really the kids our bouncing without a safety net…

    my dh was totally set against a trampoline no way would he want one, but we got one, a very small one that fits 2 kids / 3 kids max, the safety net has a velcro fastening and claps too and is very safe in the way the kids cannot jump too high and cannot fall out either…

    this was the only reason we got this one, i hate seeing people with teh trampolines with broken zips etc, why have it then???


    oh yeah tis a tough one
    my sister has one and was quiet strict on the rules of how it was used – only person every injured (touch wood) was me 😳 . The zip on hers is broken and she has banned it until she gets a new net.
    Where i live i don’t let the kids out front they are only 4 & 2 so last year we bought a small one for the kids as b’day pressies. 90% of the time it’s only them on it, they know including the almost 2yr old that the catches MUST be closed. When other kids come to visit – i get looks from parents about not letting more than one on etc but i stick to it.


    very dangerous without safe enclosure….my sister has an old one in her garden in england that they took enclosure off as her boys are too old for it & it was all DS got on it with me & dh either side..once for 5 seconds then i panicked & got him off straight away…


    I have one with an enclosure with clips, i have the middle and top clip closed at all times and the kids have to crawl in through the small gap at the bottom, it just means they cant bounce out the enclosure… i did notice the other day that a few of the clips under neat are haning down, so in effect a child could roll out the side, so might be worth having a little NCT on yours before the summer

    Mummy5 sorry about your little fella, God love him he is so young, the trauma for him.
    I did hear a Consultant from Temple street saying how many serious injuries they get in from Trampoline accidents. He said NO PARENTS SHOULD ALLOW THEIR KIDS ON ONE….

    Rossy i remember you posting that up about your neighbours kid, my sisters friend had a child in playing, she broke her arm and theparents sued them… 🙄


    had a very smallone for dd and of course the pup ate it 😆


    Ok trampolines can be dangerous and cause the most accidents at the moment but when we were young what do you think it was?

    It was bikes or rollerskates or skate boards – wasnt it?

    Now did your parents not allow you to have them for safety reasons?

    I broke my arm from a fall off rollerskates but it didnt kill me. And i still went on them again, they werent banned by my parents.

    Trampolines are great for excercise, balance and fun.

    You only live once.


    we have a trampoline too our kids love it
    we asked dd1’s doctor if it was ok for her to play on it and he said it might actually help her back strenghten, there have been no accidents so far on it well no major ones and we’ve had it 2yrs now

    we do need to buy a new cover for it and tighten the catches but as long as its used right i don’t see a problem with it
    its safer than what i used to do as a child, somersaults on my bed and off my shed onto a matress, there was no such thing as sueing over accidents then


    we climbed trees and walls etc… we did the somersaults off the top bunk 😯 Maybe thats the reason why i wont get bunks just yet 😆 😆 😆


    i used to get the lid off my toy box and go down the stairs on it 😆


    i used toget the lid off my toy box and go down the stairs on it 😆

    we did that on carboard or any other flat thing, my nephew came down on an ironing board when he was 6

    i’m so glad we don’t have stairs 😆


    I wanted to get one for DD for her birthday, but DH is adamant no… his aunt works in the hospital and she said they are the main reason kids were in A&E was from trampolines…


    i used to get the lid off my toy box and go down the stairs on it 😆

    we did that on carboard or any other flat thing, my nephew came down on an ironing board when he was 6

    i’m so glad we don’t have stairs 😆

    I had ds surfing down the stairs about 3 weeks ago and he got a massive carpet burn, dh gave out shit to me over it, but he did worse as a child, we tend to forget the mad things we did as kids once we become parents 🙄

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