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    Does anyone take the train or bus regularly from Drogheda to work?

    Wondering how local residents rate the quality of the service and the cost of it.

    I am writing a local transport column every week and would like to hear what locals have to say about the transport available to them

    You can PM me or reply with your thoughts here…

    thanks in advance,


    Hi all,

    I thought I would get loads of replies on this one….

    Is anyone upset that we pay 20 euro from Drogheda to Dublin (30 mile journey) for a return ticket but that the cost from Balbriggan to Dublin (20 mile journey) is only 7 euro?

    I am lobbying local politicians about this as it drives me nuts but was wondering how other commuters feel about it?

    any comments most welcome….



    I commute from drogheda to dublin 3 days a week (it used to be 5..) it is tough going but the service in the main is reasonably reliable and there is a great range of trains in the morning. I suppose the main gripe I would have is the lack of space, I mean surely irish rail realise how many people use the service and longer trains/extra carraiges would make a hell of a difference. It is crazy trying to get on a train in the evening, it does seem to bring out the worst in people !!

    The price difference is crazy and it bugs me that they increase the cost of a ticket on fridays !! it is another example of rip-off ireland that said the annual ticket works out fairly reasonable for regular users of the train and it has tax benefits too….


    My dh uses the Train somedays he always gives out that you cant buy a weekly ticket on the Automated machines and only at the counter, which the other day there was nobody at counter.
    On a friday you have to buy a 5 day return ticket rather then the normal 3 day return ticket, so Fridays ticket is about 4 or 5 euro more expensive.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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