Toy Story 3

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    Well has anyone gone to see this yet?

    Think were going to go next weekend :D :D :D

    Cant wait as we are huge toy story fans in this house :D

    Dont know who is more excited, me or the kids lol :lol: :lol: :lol:

    They went to see shrek 3 the other day and enjoyed it, but REALLY looking forward to toy story!


    i know so excited looking forward to seeing it…also dunno if you saw but in the mirror yesterday and today there was free lego but all week ach day there’s a different gift you get voucher out of paper and bring to tesco or smyths…


    Cant wait to see it myself 🙂
    Think ill wait till next week to see it so the crowds have died down and the cinema aint packed with little whinging kids hahaha.


    not too big into it in our house but my nephew was 5yest and got sooooooooooo much toy story stuff was unreal. He asked for a movie yest – off course Toy Story -and there he was sitting watching the movie dressed as buzz – going "hey look it’s me on the TV" they’re going next week too 😉


    We went on Monday and its BRILLIANT…. so funny! Think we are going to go again as daddy didnt get to see it. Spanish buzz is classic 😆 😆 😆 Ken and Barbie 😆 😆 😆 Love it!!!


    Loved it…. and the kids sat motionless for the entire movie….

    Spanish Buzz… he is the man for me! And for any of you S African’s out there… Jeremy Mansfield (a very well SA DJ for those of you who don’t know)… is the voice of the chatterbox telephone in the nursery. 😉


    We went on Saturday and just loved it. It was DD’s first trip to the Cinema, so we did the 2D version. She loved it and sat the whole way through. A few people told me that some kids were scared of the Baby Doll but she didn’t pass any remarks of that at all.

    The tears were rolling down my face at the end and I didn’t want to takeout a tissue or the Teenager would spot me and laugh, she seen me anyway, roared with the laughing at me and while I was mopping my face I discovered she was crying too, lol….. its hard to be cool even for a cynical teenager!


    Glad is wasnt the only one having a cry!

    The same happened with toy story 1 the Dolls head in Sids bedroom, my nephew got a terrible fright, didnt like the look if it myself…. i though the baby doll was okay


    Love, love, love it!!! Best film I’ve seen in ages. Laughed my head off at Ken (how brilliant is Micheal Keaton???!!!) and loved Spanish Buzz, hilarious.

    Was almost crying at one stage but managed to hold it together for the sake of my kids thinking I’m a total nutter 😆 😆 (they may be right though in fairness!!!??)

    Cannot recommend highly enough. Cannot wait to see it again and will be buying it the moment it comes out on DVD.

    It took 10 years but is an instant classic – it is streets ahead of the other animated movies around these days.

    No doubt we’ll have a Toy Story 1,2 & 3 box set at some stage. Pure genius!


    im so glad someone felt the same as me… i want to see it again!!!

    Ken is brilliant, as gay as christmas god bless him 😆 😆 😆 Barbie soon sorted him out 😆 😆 😆

    Isn’t grown up Andy a dote, so kind and would make any mammy proud

    We have been watching loads of toystory before and after going to see no 3….


    still havent seen it yet grrrrr as dh brought the boys last weekend to give me peace to prepare for dd’s birthday! Must get to see it lol.

    Anyone seen Inception with Leo Di Caprio, very very good, would watch it again as its one of those films that there is lots of twists and turns and you have to watch very carefullly. Would recommend it!

    Think your right about the box set sabbi, maybe it will be out in time for christmas! Our boys have got toy story 1 & 2 the last few years as it gets played that much, it gets worn out lol!

    I got a Karate kid box set in Tescos, think it was only €7 euro, very good, but i dont think the new one will have a patch on the original, but will bring ds to see it and let him decide…


    will have to have a look at that….. i remember having a crush on your man 😆 😆 😆 Wax on wax off….


    ralph macchio he was gorg think it was coz he was so tanned lol

    he was 20 something i think when he played daniel son lol


    i know…. swoon!!!!

    I think he was near 30 by the time the last one was filmed… he was only a teenager in the movie 😆 😆 😆 He did get away with it with that baby face!


    i love the karate kid too – lol
    I’ve finally booked my tickets to take dd1 (and my mother) to see Toy Story next Wed – can’t wait

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