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    Hi all,

    Our 6 year old son is looking for a toy called ‘Deadpool’ for Christmas from Santa.

    It is a red hero figurine from the Wolverine movie/comic franchise.

    If anyone knows where we can get one of these….please let us know. He has written about 50 lists asking for this but we cannot find it anywhere.

    Thanks so much.


    never heard of it!!! Will ask dh if he’d know where to look

    have a look here … log-200417

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    Is that what you are looking for?


    If it is…. then just search under
    that way, most of the things are located in Ireland, as opposed to the UK / States, which means that you should have a good chance of getting it before Xmas! x

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    all the ones available in uk……hth…best of luck….

    super minder

    did you try forbidden planent in dublin . used to near old virgin maga store. its a science fiction shop try them or ring them .

    dont have number pet sorry


    I was thinking of the shop beside hodgis figgis on Dawson street!


    my brother ordered his in forbidden planet in dublin, he’s a big fan of deadpool too (even though he’s 27)
    good luck getting it for your son


    You would not believe this but its true. Wandered into Tesco today and thought to myself, sure I might as well look and see if its here and there was one there!!! So we got the last one…

    delighted, as he really wants it, he’s written about 100 letters asking for it and it was only a tenner, so happy days!


    Ah thats great news…. we are the same, ds1 asked for a basketball net. I told him he missed it off his santa letter so it would have to wait for his birthday, the clever lttle mite got to see Santa in playschool and when santa asked what he wanted guess what he said… Yes a Basket ball net!!!! He then told me mammy i missed if off my letter but I got to tell him myself 😆
    His nanas had given money for me to buy what I wanted so went over to smyths and pick on up from both his nanas (suit me one big gift then little ones0 and got the yoyo he asked for too 🙄 😆 😆 😆


    😆 😆 😆 They’re gas aren’t they!!! My weeman also said he wanted something which he had never mentioned before..we said the same about not having written it in his letter, and he said "no, I put it at the end…" which was the bit where he has scribbled his "name"…!!!! 😯

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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