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    oh my god, this is such a horrific thing to happen, was listening to gerry ryan this morning and heard an interview with one of the girl’s mother’s….jesus it was a very abd attack and my heart goes out for the poor girls and the 2 lads, what an awful thing to happen……it’s beyond words…..
    the sickos who did it deserve a good beating themselves and alot more, can’t believe something like this would happen and to such a degree…i know the mother said they were eastern europeans and they we’re camping nearby which makes me wonder were they Roma’s…..
    regardless of who or where they are from they are sickos and those poor girls and lads need alot of support and they have a tough time ahead of them…..

    it’s shocking


    Yeah its defo shocking alright!!!!!!!

    My x was up yest telling me who the boys were and i know both of them, dont know the girls though but wish them all the best in their recovery!!!

    one of the lads got his ear cut off…eek!!!


    It Is disgusting.

    I just can’t understand why they did it.

    Its all mad. I can’t stop thinking about it.

    – Did the two sets of people involved know each other already, was it a revenge thing?

    – Did they want to rape both girls, so they attacked both blokes, so they wouldnt be able to defend them.

    – Did they paln to rob them & their car & it all went out of control?

    – Were they trying to assert themselves as a gang or something?

    – Was it attack against Irish people?

    -Was it attack against Courting (sorry can’t think of another word to use, but you know what i mean) people?

    – What was there motive for such a horrific attack?

    – Are they just evil?

    I just dont understand.

    I know that there are evil people out there but five evil people together, i dont get it. Had none of them a concience? Did they not realise the damage they were doing?

    How could any human being do that to another?

    At least they have been caught, although that doesn’t help the injured people or their families.

    Sorry to ramble but this attack just doesn’t make any sense to me.


    i know these girls to see around the town and it was a big shock to see that on tv.


    seemingly the people arrested were all released wihtout charge!!!

    i think there is more to it then whats being said to be quite honest.


    i couldnt believe it.. those poor couples it makes me teary thinking about it!
    hope they recover quickly and those who did get exactly what they deserve!


    It must have been so scary for them. One of the chaps ran off and hid in the river I believe. Hopefully they will have a good recovery

    I too believe that there must be more to it like why were the attackers out there in the first place at that hour of the morning.


    the people that attacked them live out thee in tents!!!!! seemingly.

    he didnt hide in the river he ran into the forest and hid there, so i was told by j’s dad who was talking to one of them yest, who knows you’ll get diff stories everywhere, once they all recover thats the main thing and that they catch whoever did it, and if they were eastern european they should be deported ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Im never going walking up there with M again. Used to lovegoign walking the dog but never agin. SCUMBAGS cant believe they have been released 👿 👿 👿


    Those poor people who were attacked, the physical injuries will heal but the emotional ones, may never. They have a really hard time ahead of them. it is so sad. I hope they get the proper support & counciling that they will need.

    Why are these attackers livng there in tents? who are they?

    I wonder if they consider that area their territory now & this was their way of saying "Stay Away – we own this land now".

    Well if so, they have achieved that alright, like who would go anywhere near there now.

    They had to have a motive for their attack but i doubt that we will ever know.

    Such a sad situation.

    I also can’t believe that they were realised without charge.

    Sabrinab 08

    Hi girls. as a mother to 3 girls and living near enough to the area im horrified!!!!!!!!!!
    Its meant to be that a fight started in the Laurnces bar and then these" lunatics"!!!!!!!! followed these ppl to Storm nite club, and then to Townely hall. emm how crazy do they have to be to actuallly concieve this idea, this wasnt a randoma act. they were out to do some serious damage and by god did they do it! Those young ppl are scared for life, specially the girl! I heard a lot of the details and their just too horrific to even type.
    Whats even more disturbing is the "law" and i say that with a pinch of salt, that we have "protecting" us in this country! theseB**tards have walked out free yesterday! how is that possible. One of the girls actually seen one of the attackers in the hospital and indentified him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    👿 👿 👿
    I grew up in the area and when we were kids(im 31) we always went there and Mellifont during the summer hols, made swings brought picnic’s.. you wouldnt dream of lettin kids any were near there or any were else for that matter!..


    think i saw one of the girls today when i was in hospital it had to be her face was in bits and stiches near her mouth, pretty bad god love her……

    what’s the bet between now and st. paddy’s day there’s gonna be ructions, local lads will get together and there will be killings…

    i’m sure there’s more to the story but still it’s not right…..


    Its terrible what happened… sick people… must have been very frightening for the them all….


    Hi girls,

    I was watching Ireland AM this morning and one of the newspaper headlines stated that the perpetrators were released and are free to leave the county (they are Lithuanian according to that paper). Surely this can’t be right?? I actually feel physically sick everytime I think about the possibility that people could carry out such a horrific attack and then walk free 👿

    Does anyone know if this is the case??

    Razzle Dazzle


    I cant understand how they walked free i really dont, surely they would have fingerprints etc and the girl identified one of them in the hopital for god sake.

    there will be riots over this i can tell you that now, anyone with a foreign accent should stay well clear of the town the weekend!!!!

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