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    Seen a fab dress in Topshop (am starting to think post baby now so looking at normal clothes again!) but the difference in the Euro – Sterling price is ridiculous. It costs £41 but €61!!

    Why is this? Why are they still doing this and more importantly, how can they get away with this?

    Most shops have fairly reasonable exchange rates nowadays so seeing this really ticked me off. No fair!!!


    unfortunately most shops are still doing this and getting away with it

    I know it’s only cents in comparrisson but was in tesco’s on tues and they had girls vests marked £2.00 then € 3 BUT i found a pack that had been mark € 2.50 and when i looked closely all the other packs had second stickers on with the higher prices – £2 does not convert to € 3 😡


    They have always done this and gotten away with it. I find Top Shop, Oassis and River Island major offenders. The Eur to Stg is quite good at the moment – better off to go up north or buy from a Irish clothes store(if you can find one!!!)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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