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    Watch our video feature where vet Luke Gamble and animal lover and former Blue Peter presenter Peter Purves give advice on dog health and how to get your kids involved in looking after your dog

    When you bring home a dog for the first time there are plenty of things you need to be aware of to make sure your new family member is happy, healthy and safe. While the addition of a new pet to the household is exciting and rewarding, it also carries great responsibility. Every member of your brood, young and old has a part to play and if you have kids it’s great to get them involved in caring for your pet from the beginning.
    Most children naturally bond with their new canine family member and can learn a huge amount from caring for another creature. From coming along on their daily walks, or making feeding time their responsibility, kids can be a great help when it comes to taking care of your family’s dog.
    And while your children are taking care of many of your dog’s basic health needs, you can focus on the bigger issues such as vaccinations and vet visits.
    One of the biggest health issues for dogs in particular, is the threat of lungworm (a. vasorum), a potentially fatal disease that dogs can contract from eating s;ugs and snails, which is on the rise in the UK. Vets are concerned about the level of awareness of the disease amongst pet owners which is why a new campaign ‘Be Lungworm Aware’ has been launched by Bayer.
    Mark Bossley, chief vet at leading pet charity Blue Cross says: “We regularly advise dog owners of the dangers of lungworm because, sadly, we treat so many cases every year. It is a hidden killer so we are very supportive of the ‘Be Lungworm Aware’ campaign in the hope that more dogs will be saved from this horrible disease. We urge dog owners to talk to their vet about preventative treatments and be vigilant with their dogs when in the garden or on walks.”
    To find out more about lungworm, general canine health and how your children can help keep your dog healthy, watch our video feature where vet Luke Gamble and Peter Purves give some handy tips and advice.

    Click here to watch our video: … amily-home

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