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    Mark Acu

    Evert year at this time we al turn to the healthier out look and promise to look after ourselves better that we might have done last year. Through my work I have come up with three essential ingredients which will help you on that road. Most of my clients will have probably have heard me talk about one or all three to them.

    The absolute best thing about them is that they are easy, cheap and they above all work.

    They all related to diet and use the common sense approach. I will list them and then give a quick blurb on them.

    Green Tea
    Flax Seed
    Why The Chinese Don’t Count Calories book by Lorraine Clissold

    Green TeaI know many of you have taken green tea before and may not have liked it but what I recommend is different. It MUST be Green Tea Leaves NOT bags. The bags basically contain a lot of very low quality tea.
    Green Tea leaves are dried and withhold many nutrients just Google it and see. The secret with the Leaves is to take a pinch of them and re use them by keeping topping your cup or glass up with water.
    The lists of benefits are many but the major one is from a digestive aspect it really aids digestion and absorption or nutrients.
    There are several places you can get Green Tea leaves most health food shops have them, Chinese food supply shops have them also. I havea supply in my clinic from a fantastic shop in Dundalk Called Gurmans where they have a amazing array of flavours and types.

    Flax SeedAt this time of the year especially it is great form a detox point of view. I recommend it to any of my clients who suffer with constipation or slow bowel. It can also be used as a general digestion aid. The flax seed itself is what’s known as a super food given its nutrient content.
    The best way to take it is sprinkled over your cereal or in soups or stews as it is very fine you don’t taste it.
    Flax seed can be easily bought in supermarkets and health food shops.

    Why The Chinese Don’t Count Calories book by Lorraine Clissold This book is my diet bible. I read it before I went to China to study and was amazed by it. I thought that there would be no way they would eat like that but on arrival they sure do. Bear in mind food we eat here that we call Chinese is NOTHING like what they really eat.
    This book gives you a amazing insight into Chinese food culture and I have recommended it to many many people who have found it very good.
    The most outstanding quality of the book is that it makes sense and it uses the common sense approach.
    Below is the link to her web site to give you a hint of the book … t&hl=en_US
    This book is not available in all book shops you may have to order it but the Wise Owl in the Laurence Town Centre hold a stock of it for me.

    The above three items may seem simplistic but they are very affective and they are all natural. We are being bombarded at the moment with quick fixes. The most essential thing to remember with a quick fix is.

    If it sounds too good to be try it is.

    If anyone has tried any of the three things I have listed or for anyone else who would like some more information please feel free to post on here or contact my clinic.

    Happy New Year

    Mark Bell



    I just want to say that the green tea that Mark sells is the nicest I ve ever tasted. Its nothing like the stuff you buy in the supermarkets. I drink about 5 or 6 pints of it a day, I just top up the glass throughout the day.

    I ve also read the book Mark has suggested but unfortunately havent really taken it on board 😳 😳 If anybody wants a lend of the book I would be more than happy to pass it on too you.

    Must try the flaxseed

    Thanks for the tips Mark

    Mark Acu

    Hi Maria

    Wow and well done on the green tea. I dont think I was anywhere even near that when I was in China drinking it almost non stop. I will have to pick my levels up now after reading your post 😀



    5 -6 pints Maria! Thats fantastic… I struggle to get two cups of tea in… thats the teabags though!


    Maria are you drinking it cold like a juice? Im starting back on the green tea


    I drink it warm Taylor. I just top up the glass during the day but I have on occasion taken a mouthful when its cold and its not that bad really.

    Its great to get into the habit of drinking it as I dont have biscuits or a bar with it cos its just doesnt taste right but if I was drinking normal tea then I would have to have something nice with it.



    I prefer seaweed bath that will detoxify and moisturise your skin naturally, providing you with a real feeling of well-being.

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