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    Broke a tooth today and had to go dentist and get it fixed, I am absolutely terrified of the dentist (major trauma from the school dentist who was a total bully when we were kids)….

    Anyway, the dentist in Balbriggan are great and there is one in particular, James, who is so sweet and really patient with neurotic cases like me! (Highly recommend anyone who has fear of dentists, hes brill)

    Had the tooth filled and fixed and am home now but my mouth and face feel quite sore and just wondering, is there anything I can take for the pain – am almost 18 weeks pregnant so don’t want to take anything that would upset baby.

    have solpadeine here – would they be ok?


    To be honest…. I’d be onto the Doc on Call…. and ask opinion…. or alternatively, Colpe Cross pharmacy… have late night closing…. give them a call and ask the pharmacist. They’ll steer you in the right direction….. 😉

    Southgate Pharmacy
    Unit 2 South Gate S C Colpe Cross Dublin rd Drogheda Co. Louth
    Tel: (041)9817280


    you can take parcetmol and go for a nap. nearly every week i am down the dentist getting work done since i was pregnant with my daughter. the sleep takes away the numbness and all you feel is a tingly feeling in the face and little groggy when you wake up.


    we always swear by clove oil on the sore tooth? not sure if thats ok while pregnant tho but might be another thing to try?? x


    NO DONT TAKE SOLPADINE…. you can take panadol or paracetemol, but thats it, clove oil is very good or even try bonjella


    yeah agree with Taylor there, dont take the solpadeine, i was always told the only safe thing was paracetmol. On my second pregnancy I had adesperate toothache & the midwifery led unit themselves suggested clove oil but when i went to holland & barrett they wouldnt sell it to me cause i was pregnant! I know that the pharmacy in bettystown stock it so maybe check with them, it is supposed to be very effective X


    Dont know why they wouldnt sell it to you as it topical…. Stacks in Bettystown and laytown always have it


    spoke with my midwife, she said paracetemol is ok but ended up falling asleep on the couch before had the chance to go rooting for them – so took nothing in the end….

    off to bed now!! Hope to be grand in morning.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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