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     it’s temporary
     it’s painless
     it’s fun
     No drilling or holes
     Does not harm the tooth

    That will make you shine like a star…
    To really be glamorous, tantalize your teeth with tooth jewelry :!:

    I use Swarovski crystals, real 22k white gold (needs to be ordered) and 24k yellow gold jewels (needs to be ordered), designed specifically for dental use.

    The crystals have a special coating on the back and their facet cut reflects the light and makes it sparkle like a diamond.

    Unlike earlier methods which involved drilling and setting the jewel into the tooth, a little bit of dental composite material will attach the crystal onto the teeth and can last from month up to a year or longer.

    My warranty is 1 month,if it’s fall off i will put one for FREE!
    Crystals cost 15 Euro
    Gold and white gold from 25-35 Euro (must be ordered)

    Just ask here any other questions, will be happy to answer!
    Appointments – PM :D
    I am based in Drogheda, although i am very mobile, if it’s not too far!!!

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