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    How many of you at the end of the day are too tired to exercise..I know that I am :D . Exercise takes so much motivation and willpower and sometimes we put all that energy into our children, our houses, our work. How do we put a little by for exercise??The perception out there is that exercising is an exhausting process but remember exercising can be simply hoovering the house, walking to the shops. We are all very hard on ourselves these days and feel guilty if we dont go to that aerobic class and come back sweating and more exhausted than we were before we left.
    If you havnt exercised in a while and do go back to that aerobic class you will feel exhausted after the first couple of times but the more you keep going the more your energy levels will starts to increase and you wont be so tired anymore…the trick is you have to stick to it during the first couple of times.
    Drinking lots of water all the time will also increase your energy levels so the next time you go to grab that diet coke out of the fridge grab a bottle of water instead. Pace yourself back into the world of exercise, try a morning fitness class instead of the evening…go for a 10/15 min walk everyday..could be popping down to the plent of fruit and remember the more active you are the more energy you will have…it just take a little while to get there.. :wink:


    hi Hazel,

    the first step is the hardest, once you’ve gone a few times it becomes enjoyable and when you can finally squeeze into your old jeans, its well worth it 😀 😀

    Lab Fitness is fab because there are loads of classes and great music – and most importantly – a bit of craic as well!!


    Thats what its all about Hazel, little steps will get you there 😀


    I’ve been hearing great reviews about a book called ‘Run fat b*tch run’ – Ray D’Arcy has been saying its amazing at making people get out & exercise….think I might pick this one up, apparently is makes you get past all the ‘Im tired’ or ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ excuses 😆 😆


    tis a very popular book at the minute alright Sabbi – i’m 11th in the queue in our local library for it 😆 😆


    Sabbi, that book sounds interesting. Is it a story or just advice?


    Hi girls,
    I am on week 3 of the book; really worked for me. I like it, gave me a good kick up the bee hind, that I needed! would recommend ..


    I have bought the book too, and have only read a couple of pages… determined to get stuck in!

    I also got Jillian Michaels DVD, 30 day shred, 20 mins a day, surely no excuse for that!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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