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    A friend of mine who recently had a baby is due to get the little one’s vaccine tomorrow and is a bit worried…

    What in your opinion should she do? I think she is concerned with the fact the that vaccine has a hell of a lot of side effects….

    I’ve two boys and they both got the vaccine and have had no side effects….

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


    I struggled with this question when my kids were young. So after doing a lot of research, I decided to vaccinate. From my research I learned that it is important that the baby is strong and healthy at the time of vaccination. If the baby is teething badly or has a bit of a cold, it is better to wait til they have recuperated.


    She has to do what she feels is right – no one call tell her what is right or wrong because this is such a contentious issue and people’s opinions are very strong about it. We hesitated getting our son this vaccination but then there were some cases of TB popping up so we decided to get it in the end to prevent him getting TB. None of our babies had any reactions to any of the vaccines but I used to worry alot about this.

    The vaccines have changed in recent years, I used to be worried about the levels of mercury in them (it was used as a preservative) and I used to worry about the live ingredients in them too but nowadays, the vaccines are not live and there is no mercury in them (at least there should not be) so they were the main worries I had and I used.

    I used to make the doctor/nurse check there was no mercury before we would agree to it – they were not overjoyed at me asking so many questions but I told them we would not let ours kids have it until we had the answers to our questions!

    Hope that helps a little – there are some homeopathic remedies you can give a baby before and after vaccines to help them, you can contact Bernie Condon about that if you want to ask her for some tips on remedies, she is on


    I think its a personal choice, a mother has to go with her gut feelings. I went to talk to my GP about my feelings. I did want to get the injections done 1 at a time, this costs about 70e per injection (MMR not BCG)

    I do think there was a lot of negative press years ago about the link to Autsim and the injections, again more the MMR. I do feel they are given for a reason. I never questioned the BCG i just went and got it. If your friend Googles the TB numbers in Ireland over the past number of years, its scary stuff… back in the 90’s about 3 or 4 cases per year now in 2010 there were 427 cases and 8 cases of TB meningitis. If it was my child would i take the risk? NO not for a second. TB is a killer, its horrible and can spread through creches and schools.

    I hope she makes the right choice for her and her baby, i wouldnt recommend google for information as it not regulated, i would go to HSE site or her GP.

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