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    21st April 2010: Overindulgence at Christmas, cold weather comfort eating, a lack of resolve to stick to New Year diets and the annual Easter chocolate binge have all played their part in helping to stretch Irish waistlines over the last few months. Boots is delighted to announce that help is at hand – just in time for summer – as a revolutionary new diet plan, the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Programme, lands in 47 Boots pharmacy stores around the country from this week.

    The Tony Ferguson Weightloss Programme, which has already proved successful in Australia with over 600,000 Australians having joined the programme, is a simple, affordable, flexible diet. Developed by pharmacists and nutritionists, the programme is based on sound nutritional science and the latest thinking on food psychology. Participation in the programme includes access to a Tony Ferguson trained Boots Healthcare Advisor plus 24-hour Freephone access to the Tony Ferguson Support Centre to provide round the clock support to help you to lose weight effectively.

    Vicky Pennington, Boots nutritionist, said, “Losing weight isn’t about shedding pounds as quickly as possible; it’s about sticking to a sensible diet that gives you the energy and nutrients you need. The Tony Ferguson Weightloss Programme combines two nutritionally balanced meal replacements with one healthy meal every day. This method can help customers to learn healthy eating principles that will ultimately aid their transition to everyday healthy eating and weight control.”

    Chris Ferguson, one of the pharmacists who developed the programme, added, “We are thrilled to be able to extend the success of the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Programme to the UK and Ireland and believe the partnership with Boots will help to make our effective weight loss programme accessible to everyone. We know from experience that support and education is critical for lasting weight loss and feel the combination of our programme with trained Boots Healthcare Advisors will help achieve great results for anyone trying to lose weight.”

    The Tony Ferguson Weightloss Programme will be available in participating Boots stores from 21 April 2010. For a limited period, life-long membership to the programme will cost just €12.95 (€20 after 29th June 2010).

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