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    my little man has had 4 bouts of tonsillitis since feb
    his last bout was june and july
    so i’m wondering if anyone has had the same with their child and if they went private or got referral?


    My brother suffered with this when he was a child and my mam waited until he was older to get his tonsils out and apparently that was worse for him, as the older they get the more painful it is. So I think it might be better to get it done when they are small.

    maybe get a referral to see a specialist, it usually takes months to get an appt but if you call up and ask for a cancellation you can often be seen quicker. Just be persistent about it and call often and they will slot you in.

    When my son was on a waitlist to see a specialist about a problem he had, we got a public appt over a year out but I called a few times (and we very polite and nice to the receptionist, they have all the power) and sure enough, she got us in on a cancellation within a few months so we did not need to go private.

    HTH a little. Poor little man. Does he eat garlic, apparently that’s good for infections in the mouth area.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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