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    my dd is toilet trained in the day (she’s 3) and recently she’s been starting to take her nappy off at night so we took that as her being ready for toilet training at night. we started a week ago & so far she’s only been dry 1 night. i’ve been lifting her to the loo before i go to bed but the bed is still wet the following morning… i’m constantly washing her sheets. i’ve stopped her drinks from 5.30pm in the evenings but its still the same result the following morning.
    any tips would be extremely welcome!!!!! i’d love to know if there’s something else i haven’t thought of…!


    missyg :)


    Maybe she isn’t quite ready for night time yet?

    With my ds, I only took his nappy off at night when he had 5 nappies dry in the morning….. and then, apart from the odd accident, he has been dry ever since.

    Now dd will be 3 in April, and is trained during the day…. and she has the odd dry nappy in the morning…. so, I’ll leave her until it is more frequent.

    Just one little tip that one of the moms on here gave me…… I don’t get them up when I go to sleep for them to go to the loo…. this gets them into the habit of weeing late at night. Mine go, just before they climb into bed…. and then thats it until the morning. Cos if they get used to going late at night, and you forget one night…. then you land up with a wet bed…
    You know yourself, when pg you keep waking up in the night to go, and then all of a sudden babe arrives, and you are still waking up. 🙄

    Anyway, thats all from me! Best of luck with it!


    my sister had trouble with her older guy being a bed wetter, the consultant told my sister that it was her fault as she had made him develop "Bad Bladder habits" …. so some say lift but i know the new way of looking is dont lift.
    Best of luck, they say 5 nights dry remove the nappy or pull up


    Don’t know if this is any help, but when my DD2 was 2years 2 weeks, she trained in one day! I mean dry through the day and through the night. All the childcare workers at her school were gobsmacked, but thrilled.

    I think for DD2, the important thing was that she went straight into big girl knicks that day, and stayed in them that night. My personal view is that some kids can get confused when they go between pants in the day, back to a nappy or pull up at night and they don’t feel confident (or at least perhaps they realise/read that you’re not confident about it!)

    I just placed a pampers bed sheet below her fitted sheet and let her sleep for the first month just in a pj top and her knicks. In almost a year, she’s had only TWO night time accidents, and that was months after she trained, while she was sick.

    As I said, I hope it helps. I know that all children are different, and DD2 had been showing huge interest for about a month before her 2nd birthday, by following her sister around even to the toilet. I left the potty around for her to explore in her own time. Bought a stack of knicks and was prepared for the accidents!


    Oh, and just one other thing…both girls go to the bathroom just before bed, and I have never lifted them during the night. They rarely wake during the night, but sometimes wake early (6am or so) and go to the toilet, and normally go straight back to bed.

    Either that or they bounce all over my bed! Happy toilet training!


    my DS1 was dry during the day no probs but I still had a nappy on at night time….he announced one evening that he didn’t want a nappy anymore and that he would get up himself during the night to go if he needed too……….i think we had two accidents and that is it! he gets up by himself to go to toilet during the night if needs be…..

    all i can say is see how it goes…sorry not much help but i’m sure you’ll get it sorted and have no accidents or loads of washing!!! all the best


    I wouldnt panic, DS1 was out of the nappy day & night at the same time. DS2 out of nappy during the day but another 6 months before out of them at night. We used to make him go before bed, take in out twice in the night and he would still wet. Then gradually we stopped taking him out and he stopped. He was nearly 4.
    To each their own, its no big deal!!!

    Sabrinab 08

    Hi girls.. i was a ctuallygonna post something on this.. my dd is 4 and half(5 in aug.. she tooka while will training during the day but is out of nappies a yr and a half.. bit ltr then my other two girls..
    I tireid for the last 2 wk’s at night, lifting her, stopping drinks,and she had 1 dry nite, infact some of the nite’s she wet twice. she is not wakin upon wetting instead lying in it at nite and so annoyed with herslef that she was wet every morning, i felt it was puttin unessacary presuure on her so i put pull up back on at the wk end and they wer try sat nite.. I think each child is diff. my other wer out day and nite at 2 half/3…
    So gonna wait til the summer and try her again.. im hoping it will just click and she’ll start gettin up.. 😕 😯


    tks amillion everyone for your posts – i really appreciate it! i’m actually going to persevere for another little while & see what happens. dd this morning it was so funny, came running in & dragged me out of bed, pulled me into her bedroom & showed me her bed – it was dry!!! she was all smiles & gave me a high five so she understands the concept of it… she’s a v quick learner so i’m hoping if i persevere & give her time she’ll cop on to it properly. i believe in going forward & not backwords so i’m hoping it’ll all work out in the end…
    thanks again!

    missyg 🙂


    Just when your on this topic, can I ask for some advice. DD 3 about a month ago. Totally Potty Trained in daytime, even uses the loo now for No. 1. But I can’t get No. 2 trained at all. She’s been using potty since last summer. I’d say since then we’ve managed the No. 2 in a potty about 6 times in 7-8 months.

    I’m tearing my hair out at this stage…. I just don’t know what to do with her, any ideas?

    Sabrinab 08

    my dd was exactly the same wit the number 2’s.. she would go behind a door or some were hidden rather than in the potty.. she hated anyone knowing she was going and still does evem though she is trained took a few wk’s but i eventually got her onto the toilet for both.. she seemed more comfy goin on the toilet.. but i know exactly how you feel.. i took the seat off her potty and it fit onto the toilet seat so felt then it was ok.. maybe you could try that.. gettin one of the seats for the toilet.. 🙄


    I recently trained my dd too – shes 2 1/2- and she was always very private about doing no. 2 – so much so – when she was in the nappies – she would be hiding behind the couch – grunts though gave her away 😯 I sit her on the toilet now and turn my back to her and she does it fine – or sometimes she even asks me to leave , which i do and she calls me when she is finished. 😉


    Thanks Guys,

    I’ve tried the toilet instead, I’ve tried promising surprises, that succeeded, but can’t do it everyday – she won’t do it for a treat, has to be a surprise (which is bigger) see she’s clever enough in that way.

    I think themain problem is she likes leaning across something when she goes, I think its the sitting position she’s opposed to. Just have to keep my patience and keep telling myself that she’ll come too eventually I suppose.


    Hi there,

    I think the whole concept of a lazy bladder could be true. My ds is toilet trained during the day since 2 yr 4mth. I did not try him at night because I had a small baby who was waking at night and was lazy myself. He went several months with dry nappies through the night. I went off for the weekend – intending on training him when I came back – that was last sept / oct, he rarely has a dry nappy in the morning now. I think he has just learned to be lazy at night. So, even though he does not have a dry nappy in the morning – I am going to go mad one of these days and try training him anyway.

    On the no 2’s – he likes his privacy. Never did them in the potty. Always the toilet and we leave the room until he is finished.


    hi all,

    i’m happy to report that thanks to my perseverance my dd has now been dry the last 4 nights (fingers crossed after tonight!) i’ve been lifting her at 11pm every night & that seems to be working, she seems to have copped on, as she has woken sometimes during the night needing the loo & telling us first – roll on the time she just does it herself!
    perseverance is important (along with all the washing!) & you’ll get there in the end… eventually!
    thanks for all your comments they really helped me.

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