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    Hi There,

    My ds (almost 20 months) had blood tests done yesterday & i just got a phone call from a nurse at the hospital to say one of his tests came back abnormal – his liver function is elevated!!

    They want to re-do the tests & asked me when the earliest i could bring him back. Im in work today, so bringing him back tomorrow morning.

    Nurse couldn’t tell me what it meant. She said i could talk to a doc tomorrow.

    Anyone know?

    Nurse said not to worry but how can i not. I have a knot in my stomach ever since the phone call.

    This ever happen to any of you or your kids?


    Hi Mary

    Didnt want to read and not post. I have had no experience with this but just wanted to say, will be thinking of you and your DS. There is nothing worse than your child being ill and not knowing what it is thats wrong.

    I am sure it will be something small and treatable. Good luck tomorrow and will say a prayer for your little man.


    I know how worried you must be. I have to deal with quite a few doctors here. They quite bad at talking to patientsbut good in their practice of medecine. Once you talk to doctor tomorow, don’t leave until your happy with all answers. Hope for the best. Take care. Fabienne


    hugs hon its never easy to cope with the unknown pertaining to our children’s health. Just ask alot of questions..stay positive.

    Sabrinab 08

    hi MaryE.. i have been folloeing your posts about your son, my little one has a tendancy to pick up bugs repeatedly, and when she was younger she went threw a few months were she seemed to be always sick.I dont know if this link will help but i ahd a look around and this eems to be most helpfull. the nurse cant talk about possibilites over the phone due to privacy laws, so their just covering themselces, not keeping anything from you, but I totally know whow you feel mrs, so dont be worrying, they just want to run threw the certain possible causes of him getting sick and help him. the liver is your bodys filter for everything, liver function test checks how well it is doing that job, and abnormallity in it will show for somethng as simple as a viral infection or a course of antibiotics. Same thing came back abnormal on my eldest dd blood test a few yrs ago, constant head aches, turned out to be a viral infection.Its only routine though pet so dont be worrying.. hope this helps … 655AA3DtZ1


    Thank you all very much.

    Sabrina that link was really helpful, it has made me feel so much better, thank you so much. I couldnt find anything that useful today when i was looking. Everything i found was to medical for me to understand or too scarey for me to read. I was beginning to panic.

    I can sleep now tonite as it is probably just a virus or something in his system, that can be treated.

    When i think about it, Although he vomits, he is not sick as such, he still eats loads,sleeps well, constantly plays and is happy as larry. He lost a good bit of weight but still in the normal range, it is lucky that he was a big buster.

    The vomiting is not as frequent anymore either since ive taken him of wheat.

    If there was something seriously wrong he would be showing more signs of sickness, i think.

    I have put things in perspective now in my head, i think.

    Will let you know how we get on tomorrow.

    Thank you all so much again.


    best of luck, i’m sure they’ll go thjrough everything with you…..

    was his bloods taken in olol? my dad has had bloods taken a few times and had been told there were problems with liver, when he went back there wasn’t they had shook the blood too much and therefore tests were off…..

    i know that’s perhaps different, but still they can make mistakes and to be sure they redo tests….hopefully your ds will be ok, let us know….

    Sabrinab 08

    aww MaryE im so glad that helped, and you know what my Granny alwyas said and she raised 10 kis, 3 sets of twins!! that once a child has an appetie and is eating its only ever something minor. i find the yahoo answer site very helpful, really ppl with similar concerns and fears, kinda like mst but only we all seem to care a lot more. Maybe evena make a quick list of any questions you might have been wanting to ask, i find if im going to doc’s about the kids i tend to blank and forget the basic questions i wanted answers for. Great to hear your wee man has improved, thats brill.Maybe your right on the wheat thing or a simple dietry thing that his wee tummy find hard to deal with. When i was lookin around earleir ther’d seemed to be a connection to Celiac, but i thought one of the other ladies had already said that to ya in an earlier post.Hope you sleep well tonight and lookin forward to hearing how you get on tomorrow,take care. xx


    Sorry to hear about your child being ill. I see from your other posts about the awful cough he had aswell. Hope they get sorted as has been mentioned it could be a food intolerance like coeliac etc. This is often connected with asthma and eczema. Also if the child is not tolerating a food it can prevent his gut from absorbing nutrients so that he is run down and prone to viruses. That’s how I found out I was coeliac I was so run down and tired and I had developed anemia because I wasn’t absorbing nutrients (though I seemed to be absorbing calories no problem 😳 ) That might explain the vomiting and the coughs etc. Hope you get an answer soon. By the way even if you get told it is an intolerance check out other things aswell like he could be intolerant to wheat and dairy. Also if it is gluten he can’t have then you need to avoid oats and barley aswell as wheat.

    Good Luck


    Ds had his repeat blood test this morning. thankfully they got blood at first attempt as he is black & blue form the needles & i didnt know where they were going to find a vein, they have already used his feet.

    Didnt get to speak to a doctor at all & nurse wouldn’t say what it could mean but she was very nice and did say that his liver function levels were only slightly elevated & nothing alarming, so that is a relief if anything. Results wont be back until next week & she said that i will only hear from her if more tests need to be done otherwise i should just go to the out patients appointment in june.

    We have already taken him off diary & wheat and his vomiting has totally reduced. Think it has only happen three times in last two weeks, so that is a massive improvement but his cough & Asthma are particularly bad at the moment.

    Yeah, i agree with last message, coeliac is certainly still a possiblity.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Going to try forget about it for the weekend now.

    Sabrinab 08

    Aww thats good MaryE, take it easy now the wkend and relax at least you now more than yesterday and thtas great! Glad to hear he’s getting better,my little one’s asthma is buggin her too. think its when the weather changes, she’s been coughin loads at night for the last couple of weeks.. I find Viscolex great for them!! 😀
    Have a good wkend


    Think i spoke too soon earlier, got a call this afternoon in work to say that this mornings Blood tests came back & they were worse then other day!! Hopefully it is just a virus. The asked me to bring him back to the hosptal to see doc & decided to keep him in Hospital tonite for observation & to repeat the bloods tomorrow again. Im just home to get some food & throw something in a bag. He iks in good form though.

    Plus results came back from his a berim xray & he also has a hiatus hernia, dont know too much about it but seemingly it would explain his vomiting, haven’t had a chance to talk to doc yet about that, so not sure what can be done about it.

    Anyone have that type of hernia before, how was it treated? I think it is unusual for a toddler to have this type of hernia

    Doc said Ceoliac is still a possibility but results wont be back for about six weeks & he is on a waiting list to get an ultra-sound.


    Hi MaryE,

    Ask as many questions as you can and keep a notebook and pen handy to write things down.

    My daughter was very ill with suspected meningitis and I would think of a question to ask but by the time I saw the doctor, sometimes I had forgotten what the question was.

    I started to write things down, at least then I did not forget to ask.

    Might sound silly but helped me when I was going through that crisis.

    She turned out fine in the end, it was a bacterial infection but she scared the life out of me!

    Good luck, I’ll be thinking of you.



    Just to let you know update:

    Liver function still elevated, keeps getting higher, ds nearly getting bloods done daily now, no explaination as yet, they have done tests for hepititis but wont get them back for 10 days.

    They are giving him a day off gettng bloods done tomorow, so wont have them done again till thursday, fingers crossed they have started going down by then.

    Sorry i haven’t put anything up since lastw eek but nothing new to tell really.


    thinking of you and ds MaryE – is he still in hospital?

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