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    hey my little girl is 27 months old and she will hardly touch food i cut down on her milk
    for example she will have a couple of bites and nothing else for the day but she goes to creche twice a week and she will eat there but not at home. can someone give me advice please :D


    Hi nickysinglemum,

    I assume at this stage she has all her teeth? They can be very difficult when it comes to eating! Is there any particular food that she likes more than others? My little fella loves pasta, scrambled eggs, garlic bread – he is actually very good on the fruit and veg and he loves his meat.

    How much milk is she drinking? My fella would only drink formula – does not like milk. He was waking at night up until early Jan looking for this – I cut out the bottle completely and he has been eating all before him ever since – he was using to put himself off to sleep. He will not drink the formula at all now. (He is 23 months)


    Stop trying to get her to eat she will just rebel. Unless she is ill she will eat when she is hungry. Dont worry too much about it. My dd1 was like that I gave her an extra supplement for a few months till she got her appetite back. See what you local Phn says aswell if she is happy enough with her weight then just let her be, She is just letting you know she is her own boss now and trying to gain a little control/independence for herself. Im not the mother of all knowledge but it worked for me. Best of luck.


    thanks girls. she was drinking 3 bottles a day but i cut it down to 2 one a nap time and one before bed thinks she on a strike at the moment cause i took the other bottle away am cutting them down cause the last time i tried to take them off her she cried all day made her self sick she cried that much.


    There is nothing more worrying that when your child won’t eat!! You start to think they must be ill!! I agree that you should ignore this as much as possible, she is probably just asserting her independence!! The fact that she eats when with other children would indicate this too…little rascals!! And it doesn’t sound like she is drinking too much milk, so don’t worry about trying to reduce this if she doesn’t want to. You’d be amazed at how little a child of her age actually needs to eat so if I was you I’d continue to offer her a variety of foods and don’t react if she refuses..I bet she won’t starve herself and this will just stop!! As long as she is a healthy weight don’t worry too much. A supplement is a good idea and it may even increase her appetite…she’ll give into her hunger quicker than her mammy 😀 😀


    my little one goes through phases of not eating great at the weekends she always always eats breakfast – she is usually coming down with somthing if she doesn’t but some weekends she’d eat very little else. What we do is sit her down with us for lunch & dinner – don’t make a fuss just put her food infront of her, sit a while at the table after & leave her at the table while we’re tidying up – sometimes she’ll pick sometimes she’ll eat other times not.
    I would be inclined to leave things like grapes, raisin, banana etc on her table and she usually will pick fromthem
    it seems to be quite normal for kids to go through phases of not eating at the minute i reckon dd is going through another growth phases she’s eating & sleeping for ireland last few days 😆 😉

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