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    When your toddler has a tantrum, how do you cope with it? Do you feel worse about it if it happens somewhere public?

    Our 2 year old is getting into a few strops lately and I try to ignore it as best I can and then crouch down to her level and tell her that its ok and I love her and when its over, I give her a big hug.

    I used to get quite nervous about it on my older children, especially when some people would tut-tut their disapproval at this little creaming child but now I am usually calmer.

    I thought it might be an idea to post a thread on this where we can share tips on how best to deal with it?

    Anyone with any suggestions please share. we could all use some tips for these difficult scenarios. :roll:


    Hailey is the queen of tantrums…..i have tried everything with her but she still just has melt downs over NOTHING at times!.

    I am actually going to a course they are runing in her creche in a few weeks on how to manage tantrums so if i get any good tips ill post them here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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