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    I have a 3.5year old son and a newborn baby (4weeks) my son absolutley adores his new sister and is very good and gentle with her but is really acting out with us… Not listening, being cheeky, hitting/kicking, crying… the list goes on.. So far I have tried invovling him with the baby (feeding etc), doing things he likes (art & crafts / Picnics) but nothing is working.. I have tried talking to him, confiscating toys, time out in his room and nothing seems to be working… Its really becoming a struggle and I just dont know what else to try to make the situation easier for us and him..? Anyone have any ideas or advice 🙁


    tis totally normal for the older sibling to be acting out – try to make some time just for the older childas sabbi says bedtime or possibly bathtime that’s just for him. I remember when my dd2 was born i felt like i was forever giving out to older dd – any reaction from you is a reaction to them – try to not get caught up on bad behaviour and praise the good behaviour – its still also very early days babs is only 4weeks old – it will settle in time


    I feel your pain, our daughter was almost 4 when her baby sister was born and it was a total nightmare with her. She loves the baby – just a little too much and she really acted out with us too.

    Our baby is 7 months now and while her 4 year old sister still is all over her all the time (we honestly thought the fascination would have worn off by now!!) she has settled a bit with us and is better behaved (most of the time anyway)

    It is a big adjustment when a new baby comes along for everyone and he is most likely taking his own time to adjust.Ultimately, his nose is out of joint because you do not have as much time to spend with him anymore.

    When baby is asleep, can you spend some time just with him – leave the housework for a bit and play some games or watch a DVD with him. We started doing jigsaws with our 4 year old and this has been a great way to distract her and calm her down when she is acting up.

    Do you read to him at night for bedtime. If you or your partner can take him to bed without baby and spend some time reading this would be a good way to send him off to sleep, giving him 100% attention.

    Also, do you have a relative, like his granny or auntie etc who can take him out for some time just for him, like to the park, cinema or something like that.

    My mum was a great help when baby arrived, she would take our 4 year old andour 6 year old for sleepovers every other weekend and it really gave us a break.

    Maybe some of those ideas will help a little?


    My son was 3 and 2 months when my ds2 was born, he hated the idea of me being pregant and didnt want to know at all… he thought the scan photos looked like an Alien!!! 😆 😆 😆
    He was so bold and this went on for ages and ages, i was at my wits end!! But roll on a few years and he is a total softie and so good about the house, i can bring him anywhere now… its the 3 year old playing up!! 😆 😆 😆
    Its a tough age for a new arrival, a bit older or younger seems better…. it will settle down, positive praise and rewards is the best way to nip in the bud, i found scolding him was attention, he just wanted attention 24/7. So just be positve with him and try ignore the bold stuff


    Talk about baby brain I only just remembered I posted this and baby is now 10weeks! I was back on here looking for help ha!! Thanks for responses!

    We are making one on one time for the little man and have started jigsaws, and we read bed time stories. Unfortunately I’m short on family support as I am originally from England.. I was coming on this evening as his behaviour is getting worse.. We’ve now progressed to punching, slapping and kicking. I’m actually at home in England at the moment on an unplanned visit which means Hubby couldnt come so I’ve had to try and manage him on my own. Which I have been failing miserbaly at, so much so I have decided to cut short my visit and will be returning home tomorrow to hand over the reigns to the hubby!

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