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    mary simons

    Hi anyone got some dressing up clothes that would be suitable for toddlers will buy. Thanks


    Hi Mary,
    I have various, I was going to sell on email. What age group are you looking for? Is for a boy or girl?

    mary simons

    Its for a parent toddler group so from 1-4 age group. If you have any give me a call on 0876707175.



    Sorry Mary,should have copped when you said toddler -they are for 5-7 year olds.


    Hi Mary

    Tesco often have dress up clothes at knock down prices during their sales. I got a Tinkerbell outfit for my 2 year old for 4.50 and an angel dress with wings for 7 euro.

    They have Ben 10 and other stuff for boys too; just go to the bargain rails and have a good root aroundand you might find what you’re looking for! Or you could ask at the customer service desks about when their next sale for this kind of clothing will be on and get in there early that day!

    Alternatively, try your local ‘Enable Ireland’ or ‘Irish Cancer Society’ or ‘Oxfam’ shops, they are little treasure trovies for things like that.

    Good luck 🙂


    Was in the Irish Cancer Society shop in Drogheda last week and they had a couple of dress up outfits, not sure on sizes though

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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