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    just looking for ideas n advice from mums… at the moment i work full time, my boss is great and allows me to work from home on a monday and friday so i get to spend time with my dd who is 15 months, however due to cuts this will be changing and i will be moving to the south side of dublin (no laugh travelling from bettystown) and will need to work 9-5 mon to fri so dilemma is this..

    give up work altogether or look for something local which isnt easy in my field of work so was thinking of possibly registering as a childminder, im a qualified play therapist and have been working with children and families dealing with addiction for over 12 years so would have dealt with lots of young kids…

    advice from anyone who does childmind would be greatly appreciated, whats the pros and cons… and did anyone give up full time work to stay at home and how did this work out.. im not sure id adjust without having some "work to do" altho i know staying at home with just my daughter would be work enough!!!

    sorry for the ramble…….


    Scotsmum – thats a real dilemma…

    Would you be able to job share? You could maybe do a 2.5 day week at your current job, that would give you the best of both worlds.

    Maybe you can contact IPTA to see if they know of any positions going in this area, even something part time, whether private or through the HSE? Also, maybe have a chat with someone in your local health centre and see if there is any need for a play therapist. They might be able to recommend someone you can follow up with about it?

    There was a play therapist working in Drogheda and she had her own play cabinset up but not sure if she is still going… will try to find out for you and see if she knows of any work in the area

    Its lovely being at home when they’re small, I was at home for a few years when my son was a baby and toddler and then when my daughter came along and I really enjoyed it. I like being back to work now but I have great flexibility and not a lot of travel each day, so it suits me really well.

    You have to figure out what works for you and try to get the right mix if possible…tricky but hopefully you will get to choose an option that suits you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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