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    hi girls i know you’re going to think i’m a nutter but wondering if anyone else has started their Christmas shopping??

    i have santa done for my eldest ds got exactly what he wants and at a bargin too, saw it up north thought wa a great deal then found a shop on line that has a shop in dublin and got it for over 100euro cheaper so supported irish….

    i usually have my shopping done besides if getting vouchers done by end of august and last year had everything wrapped and labelled by halloween ready to fill the bottom of the tree the 1st dec….i found that i didn’t have a rush to buy crap presents and i had got everything i wanted to get also got presents at the right price and not at the christmas hike prices….

    this year though things are tight everywhere and people don’t have that much to spend and with so many businesses going out of business there are loads of deals and bargins out there and i feel well if i can get something for someone now at a good price and support a local business i’ll do that…

    so wondering is anyone else as nuts as me thinking of shopping for christmas in august? and where will you shop north or south?

    happy christmas shopping lol….bring on the white coats….


    I wish

    Last year we did KRIS KINDLE it was great cut out loads of pressies
    Next year we hope to go to America as a family, so pressies will be smaller

    Kids will be smaller – brought a WII last year wasted of money – only played with about 6/7 times


    I have started mine… I have to get about 28 presents! (Including DH’s side.), have 12 done, and got parts of some of the others….

    I have bought some up North and some here… there are some good deals on a the minute, so take advantage and it saves you… as you said better than paying higher prices at Christmas.
    Its mine and DH’s parents that are the bigger problems! Very hard to buy for!

    Have nothing done re Santy yet… will leave that a bit longer!

    I definitely want it all done by October… and then when the penny bank comes out, its all mine!!!!


    started making lists, haven’t done any shopping yet though


    I know a few people who are finished already!


    Have mine done already girls!!!! Istarted in June just bought something every week. Last year i did mine in late october and half of my list i had to change because the stock was out and they (smyths) didn’t know if they were gonna get more in. So this year i’ve done the expensive surprise in smyths and the rest i got second hand.


    Got thats organised, had planned to get the guys DS for xmas when we go to the states in Sept, but they wanted them for their b/day got get deals on Ebay. This year though, a couple of DS games each and and i a few Wii games that i picked up and never gave them to the boys. To be honest, they havent played with anything they got last year. They love DVD,s and colouring. So this year DS/Wii games, DVDs and some colouring stuff. Danny looking for a skateboard(has been asking for it for 2 years) and Peter looking for Roller skates, i’ll have to think about these.
    For parents its hotel vouchers and for Nieces/Nephews going to pick them all up GAP sweatshirts and a Smyths voucher €15 each. My nieces ended up with over €200 each in Smyths vouchers last xmas, it think they have only just spent the last few.


    A doesnt want anything for xmas he told me he has enough toys… Im going to buy him a ps3 and games (hmv newry 279) If he will sit on a bike I’ll get that too, but its just books, games and some starwars stuff…. the movies he will get this year will be starwars (dh has started him watching it)

    As for the kids in the family we get smyths vouchers, this year thought we are having a day out on the santa steam train as our presents 27 of us going grannies and all
    The mothers get newbridge stuff so I could pick that up now, so not much to as Ive sent the cheque for hte steam train…….
    Just a word of warning about vouchers, last year my sister got stuck with 150 of zavvi vouchers (they went bang after xmas) so we said no vouchers this year…… she also got her mil vouchers for a weekend away to a lynch hotel 250 euro and they have gone into recivership….. just buy vouchers with caution


    Oh to be so organised! 😉
    As much as I’d love to have everything done…. I’m afraid it will be closer to year end for me…
    So many things going on… and never a moment to think beyond tomorrow! 😀


    i’ve started but only have my own kids and then 6other kids to do. hvae my folks & the in laws oh and my best friend – cutting out any other pressies this year – must make a list of bits and start getting some more in – it’ll fly in always does!


    Normally i would never ever even think about Christmas this early but this year, i have been thinking about it a bit.

    I personally think Christmas is a very stressful time of year anyway but this year it is going to cause so much extra stress on people as so many have lost their jobs or had cuts in pay. I feel this Christmas is not going to be a happy one for many people.

    Christmas is not about presents & i think we as responsible adults should emphasis that to our kids & family.

    I agree with muchin i will be cutting out all little presents. Of course Santa will come to my ds & i will be treating our parents as they are so good to us but this year there will be no presents for my nieces & nephews (they get enough form santa anyway) & im not getting involved in any sibling Kris kindles.

    Im not doing this too be tight (although money is tighter this year) but because if i do this, i know other members of my family, who really cant afford it, will follow. I really wnat christmas to be as unstressfull as possible.

    To be honest i myself dont care about getting things, im not really into things. I would prefer to meet up with someone & have lunch & a chat.

    Sorry dont mean to be lecturing at all, its just the way i feel about Christmas. The Materialism has gotten out of control.Going to Christmas eve childrens mass & Spending Christmas dinner with my family is what i look forward to about the day and not presents. I probably have a different view to most about the day & i know it steams from two members of my extended family having nervous breakdowns just before Christmas & both times they were triggered by the stress of Christmas!!

    Saying all that i do plan to buy ds Santa present soon, as i have the money & it is in stock!!


    Hi Scole1,

    how hav you been? Hows yr two precious?

    Take care


    MaryE i dont go mad either, well for the kids i do. I have a budget that i stick to and dont buy for all & sundry. Just immediate family only, brothers & sisters get a btl of wine. It is all too commercial now i agree.


    MaryE thats what we are doing this year, my sister and her kids, dh’s brother and his kids, my mother, dh’s mother and his brothers FIL are all coming on the santa train as our christmas, each family paid for themselves…. We will all be booking in for Lunch in Dublin and soaking up the christmas attmosphere in the big smoke, not forgetting the xmas lights in Dublin…..
    So other then that i have to get gifts for my mother and mil…. then santa….
    Not going made getting ps3, then maybe about 200 to 250 on santa for both boys ds2 will only get something small and ds1 games and books…. the ps3 will be dh’s present…. so santa will only be bring ds2 ps3 games, two birds one stone iykwim..
    Im a total scab… an no Im not get a 4 year old a ps3, if it starts that big so young where do you go from there…. she its games and books maybe a bike if I can get him to sit on one in smyths with loads of tears


    Oh I forgot to say I got the boys their christmas clothes in Adams and Name it in the laurances today…….. I have jeans, jackets, got lovely hat and scarf set was 15e not 3e…. all I need are two matching tshirt/tops and their shoes.

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