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    Yes it’s that time of year again…..silly season…..and induction season.

    When that ‘get out of jail free’ card is presented usually a few days/weeks before Christmas it can be soooo hard to say no.

    After all you’ve had 9 months of pregnancy surely a little bit of medical help to get things started can’t be such a bad thing……

    Going ‘early’ is definitely at the top of your Christmas wish list……..but Santa isn’t dishing out inductions – consultants are (and it’s most likely their version of spreading the Christmas spirit and meant in good faith).

    Of course there’s also the ‘list’….have you been naughty/public or nice/private.

    Chances are if you’re on the naughty list induction in time for Christmas isn’t waiting under the tree for you……but as all the little elves know being on the nice list is a wonderful thing…….or is it?

    In many cases, the induction of labour is done for legitimate medical reasons such as pre eclampsia (high blood pressure and other symptoms), gestational diabetes, or a pregnancy that is 42 weeks.

    But increasingly, induction of labour is done for elective reasons – that is, pure convenience and yes getting home from hospital in time for Xmas dinner is convenient.

    And while some obstetricians hail this move, noting that it cuts down on weekend deliveries, many obstetricians and midwives worry that the trend may leads to more problems: more Caesarean sections if induction fails = turkey and stuffing in hospital; more respiratory problems in babies born with not-quite-mature lungs = time in intensive care (not exactly the kind of first Christmas you want to give your baby……) and more chance of uterine ruptures triggered by labour-inducing drugs such as prostaglandins and pitocin.

    Offering to help a mum along so she can be home on Christmas day is a noble gesture (but hey it was good enough for JC) But unfortunately around half of those mums who take up the offer of an early Christmas present end up with a gift they were least expecting…..a piece of coal in their stocking…..and a 6 week post op recovery…..(so maybe…….. in this case being on the naughty list definitely has it’s advantages)



    My legs went all shivery reading your post Tracey. thats why they were so keen to do 2 sweeps on me 3 yrs ago on birth of Ds a week before his due date of 26th December!!! DS came naturally after 2nd sweep though!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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