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    Hi , this time of year I ALWAYS come down with a really bad cold.

    .I work loads for 3 weeks coming into Xmas (plus the usual shopping rush and stress etc) and find myself fighting the start of a bad cold towards Xmas every year, as I get more tired and more run down and weak, it takes me over and I can’t remember an Xmas when I don’t feel 100%.

    I am eating loads of fresh garlic and eat fairly healthily but I know its in me already waiting to take me over when I give in to its nastiness cos I can feel it ( sounds wierd I know..but it happens every year)

    Any tips


    HMM head over to Aldi pick up a jar of their Manuka honey only 4.49 (or something, its under a 5e)
    It works a charm, you can put it on toast, into tea or do as we do in this house and just off the spoon….. you can get garlic tabs in holland and barrett

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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