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    Hi we are in the process of buying a new house (well its was built about 6 years ago & sitting empty since then) but it has no floors except for tiles in kitchen & bathrooms so we need to get floors for everywhere else.

    We are thinking wood downstairs & carpet for stairs landing & bedrooms.

    Does anyone have any tips for places thats sell wooden floors or carpets that are good quality yet reasonably priced?.

    Any advice greatly received as have never done this before & have no clue as to what the carpet should be made of (% wool etc) or what depth underlay to go for etc etc……


    Coastal carpets are really good. We got them for our carpet on the stairs & landing and they did a nice clean job, very professional and excellent quality carpet.

    We specifically got a carpet that is anti-dust because baby is crawling around on it and we are very happy with it. It still looks new nearly a year later.

    Ask for Keith and tell him Mumstown recommended you and he’ll look after you. I was just chatting with him this morning, he is a really nice guy and looks after any place in the whole country.

    His numbers are 087 794 70 86 / 041-9813817


    Totally second Keith at Coastal Carpets…. SUCH a nice guy! 🙂


    yes defo coastal carpets got my 4 bedrooms done in wooden flooring in november, lovely selection and great quality flooring!!


    Good luck with the house, For carpets i would recommend buy the best carpet for your budget, the more you pay the longer it will last.

    I have carpet in my sitting room wood everywhere else and carpet upstairs

    I have Solid Oak floors down stairs and if i could start over i would NEVER have paid what i did for a floor and i wouldnt have went near Solid wood, i would have put a good quality laminate down, with a very good foam underlay. Our solid floor is in bits with marks and bumps, it needs to be sanded this year, but im thinking of ripping it up and putting laminate down!


    We just got our new table & chairs from Coastal Carpets yesterday and am so happy with it. We had been wanting a new table & chairs in our kitchen/dining room for ages so saved up (yes, actually saved up!!) and then went shopping for the best price on the one we wanted.

    Looked around in a fair few places and was prepared to be strong and haggle to get the best price but not everyone liked that idea! A few stores I went to would not haggle at all – not even for 10 or 20 euro! – and there’s no fun in that, so was not buying from them.

    Then I googled the furniture set we wanted and saw that Keith in Coastal Carpets had it – 271 euro cheaper than a shop in Dublin and 149 cheaper than a shop in Drogheda, so we called in to him. He got it for us within a few days and we are delighted with it.

    I would not have thought of for furniture but they have a great selection and are VERY reasonably priced.

    Highly recommend!!


    Just a little tip – we avoided carpets in the bedrooms as our little one has asthma – its far easier to clean the wooden floors


    We have carpet on the stairs & landing and wooden floors in the bedrooms. The wooden floors great in the bedrooms for our dirty little monkeys! The carpet we have is kid safe and asthma safe and does not shed or create a lot of dust in the air. it was not cheap but it is excellent and warms up the house when we come in. Very happy with it, still looks like new after our little ones traipsing up and down on it several times a day in their mucky shoes!


    I have carpet on the stairs and ;landing and in the bedrooms…. i was thinking of putting wooden floors in the bedrooms, but we were staying in my mothers and she has wooden floors in the bedroom. Dh is dead against wood in the bedrooms, so when in my mothers he started messing and while i was naked getting into my fluffy pj’s (no funny business in my mammies) He threw me on the floor and jumped on me 😆 😆 😆 The screams out of me as the floor was bloody baltic, he was still laughing at me the next morning 🙄 So no wooden floors for us, carpets are sooo much more cosy 😉 😉 😉


    we had wooden floors all upstairs when we moved in – it wasn’t additional wooden flooring just sanded and varnished what was there and the noise drove me mad – if anyone walked in shoes upstairs you could hear it.
    i didn’t like getting up and walking on wooden floors so we put carpet in our room – then dd1 was born and carpeted her room, then dd2 was born so carpeted her room wouldn’t go back to the wooden floors.
    if next door go upstairs in shoes i can hear them!

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