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    Hi girls
    Need to buy clothes for my niece for her birthday, they total 100 dollars. If I ship them in will I have to pay duty? I have heard two figures on is 45 euro and the other is 175euro, but dont know if one is for shipping and the other is for people returning from their holidays!
    should I get the clothes shipping in two parcels?
    Please help asap as I need to order this and get it here for her birthday next month


    i think the limit is €45 can u not get the company to put GIFT on the parcel. you never know it might not be stopped anyhow as its only clothes.


    There was a guy on the Ray Darcy show yesterday about this and I think he said the limit was 175 – but think that was for holidays…. or do what Yummy said, gete them to put gift on it – Barry gets stuff from there and thats what he asks them to do – most will oblige..


    Taylor, i know with wedding dresses that wd be obviousily big parcelled, the put gift on the package and half the amount of money paid. I also knon no matter how many gifts they read in the customs theres a chance yours will be checked and opened to see whats in it etc. I know a few its happended to. The way i see it even if you are stung with custom duty it still works out cheaper than buying here!


    Thanks girls
    Would you believe I would have had alot to do with customs as they were on the top floor of Sherrif steet sorthing office (An Post mail centre until the 90’s) I seen all the parcels getting opened at ramdom…

    They are gifts so will get them to add that on, I as going tp post in two parcels but its 40 dollars each box or 45 for one box ❗
    I told her I’ll pay the postage and if she is caught for duty its her problem

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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