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    i am going to Canada with my 3 year old to see my sister for 2 weeks in may. i need some tips advice and valium :lol: :lol: :lol: cause she was never on a plane before.

    Sabrinab 08

    I felt the same when we traveled wit our daughter who was 3 also for the 1st time..
    but she love dit.. they have movie’s for them on long flights plus we brought a portable dvd payer and books.. games.. hand held stuff ya know.. i know its a way longer flight ofr ya’s but she’ll be fine..think the mam’s worry more bout things that might happen 😆
    ARe you on early flight that might help wit her travelling..
    Ohjust remebered we did say when we got home that the next time we flew we’d buy the wee ear plugs for takin off and landing the next time.. she was fine goin but comin back and lading she found her ears a little sore so maybe have them ahandy just in case.. think they sell them in most chemist.. 😀


    I’ve done long haul journeys a couple of times….
    Biggest tip was to have a selection of little toys / games etc with you… just small stuff that she hasn’t seen before….. that way the novelty keeps her going for a while…. and when you need a distraction, just pull out something new.
    Then, make sure that when the plane is taking off or landing that she is drinking something… or sucking a sweet or something… because the jaw action helps release her ears… thereby reducing the pain.
    And lastly…. I could get shot down by a number of folk on this one, and I’m not one to advocate it normally… but calpol / dozol or something similar can help to relax her… especially if on an overnight journey… and when she is relaxed, you will be too. Just have a chat with your pharmacist…. he should be able to recommend something to take the edge off the "off the wall" feeling!
    Have fun! and enjoy your trip! 😉


    You can get earplugs in Boots for flight. I got them for ds1 when he went to America with my mam and she said he had no problems.

    Definitely bring books, colouring books and some lollipops

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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