Tips for Eye Color

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    Hello Everybody some tips on:

    Eye Color

    What is the perfect eyeshadow for each eye color?
    Girls often make the mistake of matching their shadows to their eye colour. The trick to make the eyes pop is to choose a shade that complements the eye colour instead of matching it. Blue eyes look great with warm browns, coppers, golds. Green eyes pop with purples, violets and pink tones. Brown eyes really work well with blues navys and greens.
    I love the Bellapierre Eyesdaow palletes as there are so many gorgeous colours to choose from, they are so easy to apply as they blend so effortlessly, they don’t crease and the colours are really intense. Why not try a new colour to complement your eye colour. If you normally wear nudes and browns why not apply as you normally do and then with a small brush or the pointed end of the applicator try adding a shade to complement your eye colour by applying this just along the top lashline.
    So for example if you have brown eyes, apply your natural shades as usual then apply a navy or blue shadow close to the lash line. Or for green eyes, try the same with a purple. And for blue eyes try some orange or gold. There are some fantastic shades in the Bellapierre Get Started kit for eyes. Give it a go to see your eyes instantly pop.

    Sexy Lips
    The Perfect Pout:

    When it comes to make-up I can’t think of anything more glamorous, sophisticated and timeless than luscious sexy red lips.
    There really is a shade out there for everyone and the real way to find it is by trial and error. Red lipstick works equally well from day to night.
    First you’ll need a few bits and bobs to ensure the perfect Lip:
    [*:2qsdham7] Foundation or concealer[/*:m:2qsdham7]
    [*:2qsdham7] Red lipstick[/*:m:2qsdham7]
    [*:2qsdham7] Red lip liner[/*:m:2qsdham7]
    [*:2qsdham7] Lip brush[/*:m:2qsdham7][/list:u:2qsdham7]
    Apply a base to bare lips Bellapierre Makeup Base (aka primer) and around the lip. This does the dual job of blocking your natural lip colour and acting like a stable base to put your lipstick on which stops the colour from bleeding.

    Use your liner to draw in your cupids bow and the rest of your lip. Ensure its symmetrical. I draw just inside of my natural lip line to give the illusion of a smaller poutier lip shape. This pencil line also acts as your second defense against the colour bleeding.

    Apply Bellapierre "Ruby" lipstick within the line either directly from the case or by using a lip brush for a more precise finish. Start from the center of the lip and work out towards your lip line. Gently press your lips together and rub together to blend in the lines.

    Blot with folded tissue and repeat to get good pigmentation and to matte down the colour.

    You can top it off by adding gloss if you are going for a full out night time glamour look.

    If you ever have any queries, drop a line here or call into our Stores.


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