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    Tipperary Crystal has a wonderful range of wedding gifts this season and we have picked our favourite ones. If you don’t want to put money in a card as a wedding gift as some people find this a bit impersonal, then the cutlery sets are a fabulous gift that will last the happy couple a lift time. There are some lovely sets on sale at the moment that caught out eye such as these ones:

    If you are putting money in card but want to get a small gift too, just something a little special as a memento of their big day, these champagne flutes in a presentation box are perfect. This set is only €25 and looks way more expensive. The champers is not included but sure, you can pick up a bottle of Prosecco in your local supermarket for a tenner and hey presto, you’ve got a fabulous gift!

    Connoisseur Two Flute Gift Box Set & Space for Champagne Bottle

    Cutlery is always a great gift choice, we got a cutlery set on our wedding day and are still using it 18 years later! This one from Tipperary Crystal was €400.00 but is now on sale for €148! That’s a helluva bargain!!

    Milano 72 Piece Cutlery Canteen


    These colourful plates are so cute and dinky. At only €45 they’re a lovely gift idea!!! Perfect for an evening invitation present! See here

    Spots and Stripes Side Plates Set of 6

    And if you are going to the evening part of a wedding, a beautiful frame like this is a perfect gift! Reasonably priced and from an Irish company, we love this!

    Infinity Wedding Frame 5 Inch X 7 Inch


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