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    A few weeks ago I decided to give threading a go. Was not sure what to expect, usually get my eyebrow area waxed but have to admit, was pleasantly surprised.

    Went to Studio Wax in Drogheda and the girls were lovely. Only took a few minutes and at the end of it, they touched up my eye make up for me, so I did not leave devoid of any foundation around my eyes!

    Its a good one to try out, seems to be less harsh on skin than waxing. Will definitely go back for it again. (My mam says it works well on chin areas too, just don’t mention I wrote that or she’ll throttle me!! :lol: :lol: )


    I got threading done recently in Studio Wax and it is great… you get a much more definite shape on your eyebrow.

    No hesitation in recommending this!


    How much is the Threading cost?

    I’d love advice on the shape of my eyebrows, I want them fuller but dont know how to go about it.


    Hi Taylor
    i’ve been getting my eyebrows threaded at Studio Wax for quite a while now, and I find it fantastic. Much better shape, so defined. I wasn’t blessed with good full brows, so to give the impression of a thicker brow I also get them tinted, and between the tinting and threading the difference is phenomenal. I highly recoomend it, particularly the girls at Studio Wax and they’re all brilliant.

    I would never ever ever wax my eyebrows, not good at all for the skin above your eyelid!


    Taylor5 – link to price list –


    hey there

    just checked out the pricelist 18 euro is great for eyebrows…defo going to book… i had it done in dundrum last yr and paid 28 quid..but they were lovely…they were the nicest i have ever had them…then i went to the beautician and she waxed them and ruined them…all i had asked for was a tidy up and she fecked up the shape…havent been happy with them since….going to book in for tomorrow…DEFO THREADING!!!!!


    Girls, I have a few 5 euro off vouchers for Studio Wax, if anyone wants one, I’ll have them at the Bagel Bar next Tuesday morning….


    That sounds great, Sabbi will you hold a voucher for me…. yippee i love a bargain.
    I have wonky eyebrows i has bells palsy 3 years ago and my eye on one side is dropped a bit lower then the other…. i hate it!!! I pluck one eyebrow from the bottom and the other from the top to make them look a bit level 🙄

    Think i’ll get them tinted, do house of wax do tinting?

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