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    Hi all,

    There are books of condolences for Gerry at RTE studios Donnybrook and at the Mansion House in Dublin.

    For those of you who would like to pass on your own message but cannot make it to Dublin, please feel free to add your personal message on this thread and we will pass it on to Gerry’s 2FM producer on your behalf.

    These messages will be seen by Gerry’s work colleagues and also, passed on to his family.


    A few years ago my husband and I wrote a book called We Lost our baby, about our experience of Miscarriage.

    We were invited on to the Gerry Ryan radio show to discuss the book. I was quite daunted about meeting Gerry, this larger than life character but I need not have worried, within a minute of meeting him, we felt totally at ease.

    He started off by telling us (before we went on air) that he and his wife had lost a baby to miscarriage too and he understood what we had gone through. He was so open about his own experience that he made us feel totally comfortable about talking on air – and soon we did not even feel nervous anymore.

    With Gerry you forgot you were on air, you felt like you were just having a chat with him.

    He had the ability to draw personal details from you that you never thought you’d share – especially on national radio – but that was his gift.

    He was big, loud and boisterous but when it came to a topic as sensitive as miscarriage, he was tender, thoughtful and sensitive.

    He really surprised me that day, his was one of the best interviews we had about our book. He made it easy for us and despite the tears we shed, by the end of our slot, he was joking with us and we were all laughing as the ads came on.

    He was a brilliant broadcaster and will be truly missed on Irish radio. 🙁

    Rest in peace Gerry.


    Going from a full time worker to a stay at home mum was not an easy transition for me but listening to the G Ryan show in the mornings somehow made it easier.

    I did not feel like as alone in the kitchen and I often found myself talking back to Gerry on the radio.

    I laughed at his crazy antics, cried at the sad stories of some of his guests, shouted at him when I disagreed with him.

    But the fact I was engaging out loud with my radio says something about the man….

    So sad he’s gone. Radio will be a lot quieter now.



    Gerry Ryan was an Institution, no matter how vehemently peple may have disagreed with him on occasion. And I bet a pound to a penny they more often agreed with the forthright, outright but always right-intentioned broadcaster.

    He’s a loss to a nation, mourned by his listeners and I’m sure has left a family bereft behind him. Irreplaceable and thus utterly iconic.

    Thanks Gerry, for your everything. Hope the cigars are fine and there’s not a hint ofa smoking ban up there.


    May Gerry Ryan rest in peace. Let Gerry’s passing be a lesson to us all that we should live life to the full and live life every day like it’s our last. Let’s show each other a bit of gratitude more often. Laugh today, cry tomorrow.

    Nicola Connolly-Byrne.


    There will never be another like Gerry Ryan. He was a great people person who brightened up our days with his great radio show . Gerry will be very sadly missed by people of Ireland.


    my thoughts and prayers to gerrys family,partner melanie and his friends.he may have been a broadcasting legend, but it is very clear,,he was a wonderful father to his children and was loved by his many friends’ may his memory live on .rest in peace.

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