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    just thought i’d post up about our trip to thomas land…we went a few weeks ago, and it was fab, for all those who’s kids are thomas fan’s it’s a must. It’s in an amusement park called Drayton Manor even for those who love the thrill rides it’s fab……had a go on a few haven’t been on any mad rollercoasters since i was 16 and by god i’m a chicken and went on one mad one that mad me feel ill but brilliant at the same time……

    Thomas land is very well done out we spent the majority of the day there going on rides, my ds is 2 1/2yrs and he went on nearly everything loved the giggling trucks rollercoaster and wanted to go again and again, we went on thomas and percy train ride through the park brings you to the zoo there, we met the fat controller there too, there was just so much to see and seeing his face light up was the best, he keeps asking can he go back to what he calls the Island of Sodor…..and for sure we’ll go again well worth the visit……

    the only downside to it is that it opens at 10.30am to 6pm as it’s in a residential area and would’ve loved to stay there longer….but next time we will…..

    we flew from dublin to birmingham and then hired a car, we were staying with family but there are places to stay listed on their website, if there’s one thing ya wanted to do this year with the kids take a weekend and head to Drayton Manor……suitable for all ages so the bigger ones won’t be bored…..actually there were older kids queing up for rides in thomas land where ya would think they’d think it’s was too babyish but obviously not……

    check out the website i’m telling you it’s great as all ages catered for, and yes even babies there’s a indoor thomas softplay area……..


    Scole it sounds great, my 2 Ds’s would love it! How much was it to get into the park?


    i must check the tickets but they do have the prices on the site you pay at the enterance and go on whatever ya want as many times as you want…some pics on my bebo have a goo…


    Scole I forgot to tell you I was looking last week for heading over in the spring, found a fab hotel…. The Belfery 😆 😆 😆 Dh will bring his golf clubs and have a round of golf, just to keep him happy 🙄

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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