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    1. I hate false advertising – Shaws sale 50% of everything —- only the stuff that wasn’t selling

    2. M&s – Gormet Meal for 2 €25 – nothing about not allowed to buy alcohol before 10:30..

    3. I hate the smell of smoke

    4. I hate the way everyone is not treated egually – not allowing lady with buggy on buses – i would hate to see a man not beeing allowed on a bus with a baby.. imagine that :lol: :lol:

    Sorry for the rant – but it bugs me


    buy one get one free offers, except that the 2nd item isnt free, they have put up the price!!!

    This drives me insane!! 😈


    I HATE people not using indicators on roundabouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Being left on hold when ringing to tell a company about a fault…THEIR FAULT!! 👿

    Phoning the gardai and being spoken to like a "silly child"…bet that doesn’t happen to men!! 👿 👿

    Being short changed in a shop, telling the cashier and then being made feel like you are trying to scam them!! 👿 👿

    Being spoken to in a patronizing manner by people who presume you don’t/can’t possibly understand their profession (IE: doctors, accountants…)..they may be right, but it just highlights their own ignorance!! 👿 👿

    Oh, I could go on and on!!!!


    2. M&s – Gormet Meal for 2 €25 – nothing about not allowed to buy alcohol before 10:30..

    it’s not just m&s that ya can’t buy alcohol before 10.30 it’s everywhere it’s the law….abd they’d be breeching their terms of licence if sold it…..


    hate pain in the asses, people who moan about certain things but get everything handed to them or if they are moaning abuot people about are doing the best they can for them that’s just being ungrateful

    i hate when i’ve spent the time washing and hoovering the floor it’s dirty again an hour later….

    i hate greed….and especially over money

    i hate when you’re in a bad mood and your dh asks ya what’s up with you, you tell him why in a mood, but still keeps asking what’s up with you

    i hate the way some dog owner’s allow their dogs to poo in public then don’t pick it up

    i hate the way some parents open their front door let the kids out and don’t care where the kids are for the day…

    i hate when ya have no money and you go window shopping you see exactly what ya want and when ya have the money ya see nothing…

    i hate the way the mirrors in the changing rooms make ya look even bigger than you are, even though they perhaps are true mirrors… 😥
    i could go on an on ….but i hate moaners 😆 😆 therefore i hate myself 😆 😆


    i hate when i’ve spent the time washing and hoovering the floor it’s dirty again an hour later….

    Ooops, sorry, won’t visit again! LOL

    I hate kids not strapped in cars! 👿

    I hate boy racers who think they are cool, no seatbelts, music blaring etc

    I hate the fact that when I go to a nightclub now I feel so old and wish I was somewhere quiet having a few drinks and a natter with my friends.

    I hate traffic jams

    I hate people who make smart comments when you child is having a tantrum at the shops

    I hate people skipping ques

    I hate that if DH is on ‘night duty’ and DD acts up so he is tired the next day that it is the ‘end of the world’ and he is like a demon all day whereas if it is my turn I just have to get on with it!

    thats it for now, if I go on I could be here allnight!


    hate when ur in a long queue and just as you reach the top one of the kids decides they need the toilet immediately!(well suppose more frustration than hate) also hate the one about peoplenot using their car indicators at roundabouts or anywhere for that matter.hate when blokes clear their throat and do a big gob .esp just as your passing or ahead of u when you could walk into it.hate 😈 people who dont clean up dogpoorant ovr 4 now


    hate people who invade your personal space in a q to the point you can feel there breath on back of your neck and when you inch up to get awy they fecking inch up too,, GET OFF MY BACK YOU GOBSHEEN!!!

    hate the lack of manners people display these days, it costs nothing to say please and thank you, was at bank the other day and held the day for an oldish couple behind me and they just walked out so i shouted "oh your very welcome"…. cheek!!!!!


    Bad manners is VERY annoying!!! As you said it costs nothing to say thank you!

    I hate when old people think they can skip the queue!!!!


    i hate when you let someone out into traffic and they don’t acknowedlge you – like you girls have said it doesn’t take much to say thank you!


    have to agree with all the above…..

    artymum, don’t worry you’re little head about dirtying my floors, i hoovered and washed the floors, and then hubby came home late last night and guess what need doing again…. 😈 not doing them today, they can wait… 😆


    Hate bad manners and It is everywhere now amongst young and old,
    as yummy said above people who don’t say thanks when you open doors for them, whenever I am out without the buggy I always try to help
    and when i do have the buggy I really hate when people let the door close in my face. It is very often women too which really annoys me.
    I hate rude staff in shops restaurants etc. I work in a shop and i try toalways be polite after all the customers keep me in a job
    I also hate when customer are rude to me and act like they can treat me without any respect
    I also hate people who don’t indicate especially if I am about to cross the road
    I also hate all the dog poo everywhere
    Peolple who talk on their mobiles when at the till in shops it is so rude
    Boy racers who speed and play crap music really loudly who is impressed by that
    teenagers who hang around Scotch Hall in big gangs on saturdays and come into shops movingthings around giggling at the sex books in waterstones and sitting around snogging the face off each other. I always kick them out


    god we’re a bumch of grumps… 😆 😆 😆


    I know but it’s good to have a rant now and then better on the internet than at the husband


    the hubbies will be glad they’re not listening…… 😆

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