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    my friend has a corporation house she works pays rent and bills every week. 2 weeks ago she put on heating in the house got a smell of gas opened the windows and told the child who is 10 to go over to her friends. she rang the corpo the gave her bord gas number they told her to ring the emergency number so she rang them the fella thought she was joking on the phone he called out to her couldn’t get a reading on the machine then he finally got a reading gave her a form to bring down to the corpo he switched off her boiler she has no heat in the house 2 weeks know she keeps ringing them. the hole boiler has to be replaced and she has to pay 175 euro to get her gas switched on again plus she has to live the window open every day . this country is a disgrace.


    The council are responsible for the cost of the replaces boiler. I dont know where she stands in regards to the cost of switching it back on. Maybe she should go down to the council or go to her CWO and state her case. Or ring Bord gais……….(they are a pain in the ass) and keep on at them


    Thats terrible… ring Fergus O Dowd, your only man

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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