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    Hey gals…

    Something else I’m looking for feedback on….

    For those of you who have recently gotten married or know someone who has…. :lol:

    What kind of price would you pay the singer in the church?

    Reason I’m asking…. DH and I used to do this in South Africa, and did so for many years, and we are wondering if we should do this over here?

    Thoughts, comments, advice…. all welcome! :wink:


    If its any use to you my sister in law does church singing and there is a defo market out there for it .She charges anything from 400 euro upwards


    PM HappyMumbleMum is my advice

    She just had singer at wedding in West Cork who was fab but her sil, so don’t think is profesh altho she was utterly fab. If HappyMumbleMum priced around b4 hit on idea of asking sil she may have ideas.

    Was a terrific wedding btw. If u lookin 4 other recent wedding info, she is the girl with all the knowledge 4 sure.

    HTH and good luck!


    Thanks gals! That definately helps, and I’ll def give happymumble a pm…. 😉

    I’ve spent more years on stage than I care to admit…. 😆 plus, I’ve travelled up and down the coast in South Africa with a particularly genuis bunch of Italian men…. as part of a latin american band…. So, I have experience of the whole professional scene.
    That, together with always singing for weddings / corporate functions…. seems like the road to follow over here!

    So…. if anyone knows anyone who needs a singer………………… CALL ME!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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