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    busy mum

    help………… little girl has totally changed since turning 2, she was areal placid baby rarely cried and slept all night. she turned 2 in january and its gone down hill since…….. now she is always whinging nothing im doin for her is right….she is happy no where and the things she was always interesting in just dont interest her anymore i also have a 4 year old that went through the "terrible 2s" with no bother………how can i make this time easier for my baby and life a little easier for me…….thanks :?


    Oh busy mum, I feel for you. Its not easy, especially when you are out & about and they throw a strop. Its usually just a phase but there are some things you can do that may help.

    Food – cut down on sugary drinks and snacks, these can make some toddlers hyper. I remember giving our 2 year old a strawberry milkshake one day (she usually has vanilla when she gets one) and it made her go nuts, for about two hours she was a demon.

    Sleep – Does she sleep well and go down early? Does she take a nap during the day? A full night sleep and also a small nap can help. When our little one gets cranky, I often take her for a walk in her buggy and this settles her a bit and often sent her off for a nap.

    Distraction – Is there something she finds funny? A silly voice or something that you do? When our daughter gets in a bad mood and her temper flares up, we try to distract her with something funny. Its amazing how she can go from a total nightmare to a little angel in the blink of an eye. My husband is brilliantat making her laugh – I am working on my own comedic skills at the moment because she can be such a moody little girl at times.

    Our youngest is much worse than her brother or sister were with tantrums and she is 3 now – but it comes and goes, hopefully your little one will grow out of it soon enough.

    Best of luck.

    busy mum

    thanks sabi…………..she sleeps well at night goes down at round 7…i cant get her to go to the cot during the day anymore the only time she would sleep in the day is if we r in the car……tried bringing her for a walk but i could walk a marathon and she still wouldnt sleep……i think distraction is a great idea i never thought of that…i will try that tomorrow…i feel sorry for my 4 yr old cause my 2 yr old tantrums are taken up so much of my time i feel my 4 yr old is left to the side……i have tried ignoring the tantrums but tha just makes her worse


    My little one turns 2 next week. She was an little angel up until about 20months. She is not too bad with the tantrums but does certainly know how to throw one when she wants. I just tell her to stop screaming or I will put her in the hall – if she does not stop, I put her in the hall and tell her to stay there until she stops. She usually toddles back in a minute or so later – still sobbing a little but not screaming.

    The big brother, just 4, torments her and does everything to annoy her. She also likes to copy everything that he does and wants to take his toys. Depending on what he is playing with – I ask him to share(eg. lots of cars) or if it is only one thing or not appropriate – I tell her no. This can cause a bit of a strop but she is improving.

    I think she is just testing or limits to see what she can and cannot get away with at the moment.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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