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    I am 28 my hubbie 37 and i dont want anymore kids we have 2 under 2 and a half my hubbie feels the same so i asked him to consider the snip as i cant take the pill. Was wondering if anyone could tell me if their man had it done and had any side effects as in no interest in sex or depression as these are my worries about it


    Its a serious consideration because once its done, there is rarely any way to reverse it. So you both need to be very sure before you decide.

    We thought about it a few years ago, we had 3 children aged 4, 2 and a baby at the time but we were not 100% sure so we held off and now, we have another little baby here as a result of not doing it! I am glad we waited because we were just not certain and I know I would have regretted it if we had done it then.

    Now that we have 4 children, we are definitely done having babies and are considering this as our form of contraception. We looked at some other ways, like the pill and female sterilization but I do not want the side effects of the pill and after sterilization approx 1 in every 200 women gets pregnant, as the tubes can mend themselves internally! Also, as my husband said, I have given birth 4 times so its his turn to be in the hot seat for a change.

    We met with the doctor together to discuss it and he was really thorough with us. He asked questions like, if one of our children died (God forbid) would we regret not being able to have more? He also asked, if I died or if we split up and my husband entered a new relationship, would he regret not being able to have children?

    These were tough questions to be asked but he was right to ask them because it made us think long and hard before we came to a decision.

    If you want a recommendation for the doc we saw, please let me know and I’ll PM you.

    Hope some of that helps!


    There was a previous thread about this about a year ago, I think it was titled "snip snip", you should find it easy enough.

    I had it about 15 years ago, no problems, no side affects and know loads of others that did as well. Once you’ve covered all permutations and possibilities, like all of the "what ifs", it’s an ideal choice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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