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    My 8 year old walked into the kitchen this morning and asked ‘Mammy, why do people want to bomb the Queen?’

    I tried to explain that its only a few people who do not like the Queen and the reason is because she is from England. I said that many many years ago Ireland and England had a war and we were not friends for a long time but that now we are friends and so, the Queen wanted to come and visit us.

    He still looked puzzled and then he turned around and asked me, ‘Do these people want to bomb my best friend too?’ – his best friend is originally from England, so he is worried that someone is going to try to hurt him too. Isn’t that just so sad? He and his little buddy have been best friends since theywere toddlers so he cannot understand why anyone in Ireland would hate anyone from England.

    Its so sad that my 8 year old has to worry about these kind of things…..its embarrassing.

    On a happier note, my 6 year has demanded I collect her from school and take her to meet the Queen today. She does not understand the restrictions, she just thinks we can turn up and shake the Queen’s hand somewhere later on today. Don’t know how I’m going to explain it to her that its not so easy!!

    The joys of motherhood eh!!


    It’s amazing (and sad sometimes) what childrenwill pick up from the news. My LO loved watching the royal wedding a few weeks ago and kept asking me yesterday, during the news, where Princess Kate was?

    At least it all seems to be going well so far. Fair play to the pair of them – Prince Philip is so straight and flying around the place. An action packed 4 days for an 85 and 90 year old.

    Let’s hope the next few days go as well and those morons in Man U jerseys burning Union Jacks are given no more notice.


    It’s fantastic I am thoroughly enjoying every moment, the speech was perfect in fact every moment has been on the button.
    I myself hadn’t seen much of the queen even on the telly in years and am impressed with her vitality.
    Tried in vain to get my dd interested in both this and the wedding , she wasn’t even impressed with my stories of meeting the queen and courtseying I think there is too much of a cork rebel in there lol lol, I promised her a London trip soon so she can see the palace, she may be more interested in that, though she did ask could the queen see the monkeys from her bedroom at farmleigh!!
    Pleased for queen she can relax at the horsey stuff tommorow and have the day off from wreath laying and possible political mine field
    situations..she will feel at home chatting about horses.
    Only bad moment for me was Ryan tubrudy dunno why but I felt embarassed watching that bit, it was very awkward somehow


    i thought that about ryan tubridy as well HMM, it was like he was overdoing it, trying to hard. 😕


    Think Tubbers look awkward at all times, he was picked as he is an avid historian and isnt he realated to Royalty? Didnt he find out he was related to the Royals in the RTE programme "who do you think you are?"

    I was DELIGHTED to see the cheering crowds in Cork, the irony that the crowds came out in the Rebel County 😆 😆 😆
    I loved every moment of the Royal visit, but i was so happy to see her get on her jet safe and well. We should be so proud and i have to say didnt Ireland look fantastic on the TV….. the Queen has given us such a lift, beat the feckin doom and gloom anyday and i loved how the media didnt put too much effort in the thugs who tried to rain on her parade.


    Just think they’re a mighty couple for their age. They had a pretty packed schedule & very little chance to rest. Hope I look that good at 85….

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