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    Pixi Foto

    Hello Everyone

    Just thought we’d post some information on how Pixi Foto operates.

    Studio Experience
    Our photography studios use a combination of different backdrops, coloured gels, innovative props and creative posing to produce a range of poses.

    Your experience will be filled with fun; we at PixiFoto know and understand what makes babies smile, Mums and Dads giggle and how to capture the moment forever.

    Your experience starts NOW!
    1 . Find your nearest location.
    2 . Book your photography sitting / If you use a mobile studio, just come along no need to book.
    3 . Arrive 10-15mins earlier than your scheduled appointment, this will give us time to prepare you for your photographic session and meet your photographer.
    4 . Smile and have FUN!
    5 . View your prints 2 weeks later and take them home to cherish forever.
    6 . You have now captured the moment.

    Your gift portrait will be the first pose taken. All persons under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. For safety reasons please stay seated beside your child at ALL TIMES.
    Only one special offer gift portrait every 3 months.

    What to wear and bring
    We recommend warm, rich colours when choosing an outfit, as they generally photograph best. Black and white clothing or denim jeans and a plain t-shirt also photograph well. Avoid wearingpatterns especially when there are many subjects in the portrait as they can be too distracting.

    We cater for all occasions including: Sporting themes, engagements, hobbies, communion & much more.

    When considering what to wear remember how you would like your portraits to look.
    Formal/Traditional portraits are generally taken from the waist up.
    Casual/contemporary portraits are generally relaxed poses, which may include your whole body. So you are required to dress from head to toe.
    Also you are required to remove your shoes so don’t forget about your feet!

    Don’t forget to bring any important things that you would like to appear in the portrait eg: Props for hobby shots, costumes, Grandma, etc…
    Bringing your child’s favourite toy can help to make your child feel more settled and you will have a beautiful memory to keep forever.


    We’ve been many many times over the years and it never ceases to amaze me how the girls can get the babies to laugh – I have never come away without good photos and they do special offers all the time so you can get snaps on the cheap too.

    Its a nice way to mark different stages of baby, toddler, little person as they grow. We have photos all over our house – easy & affordable way to decorate 😀

    Pixi Foto

    Our Products
    With a wide variety of products, poses, finishes and frames there is something for every home.

    Our photographer will take a large and varied selection of different poses during your sitting. With a wide range of portrait packages and sizes available, creatively edited composites and a choice of colour, sepia or black and white images, PixiFoto can cater for your every need.

    Our portrait collections offer fantastic value for money. These can be tailor-made to match your personal requirements. To illustrate what our portrait collections can comprise of and prices, please click on the tiles to view our most popular collections and poses.

    Our Latest Work


    Pixi Foto in Drogheda are brill – Tara is a star, she can get a smile from any child!!!!

    Pixi Foto

    Parents with new babies you can avail of our Pixi Promise.

    Life changes in a blink of an eye. Your newborn baby will soon be walking and beginning a new adventure of exploration. Growing everyday, changing every minute,loving every second….

    Memories are yours to keep forever, make them last in your home and in your heart.

    “Our promise is to photograph all newborn babies* for FREE plus you will receive a 12″x10″ colour portrait as our gift to you.”

    All you have to do is register your details. We will email you with your FREE voucher.

    Having professional photographs of your baby isn’t just about taking a picture; it’s about capturing the moment. So why trust anyone else in capturing those magical early moments in time forever!

    *Newborn classification 0-3 months

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